News & Events

RGS Research Roadmap Project is a new project to document the literature, consultant =, funding opportunity, grant writing, tutorial, etc. resources at the sequential stages of research development through written materials, web-links, contact information, and the like. When complete, the primary roadmap goal is to increase the competitiveness of proposal submissions.

Proposal Examples Collection is a new project with a goal of compiling a collection successful (winning) grant proposal examples that can be used by ECU faculty and staff to support their personal proposal development efforts. If you have a successful grant proposal you'd like to share with other ECU faculty through ORD, please let us know.

RGS Workshop Calendar Project is a collaboration between RGS and Office for Faculty Excellence to provide a workshop calendar designed to provide researchers with information about training sessions in support of research development.
STEM at Starlight is a collaboration between the RGS Office of Undergraduate Research, Biotechnology Center, and the ECU Chapter of Sigma Xi, to sponsor seminars featuring ECU research with the goal of promoting scientific communication and collaboration with scientists from local industry.
Downtown Dialogues on the Humanities has three main objectives: a) to highlight the relevance of the humanities to Eastern NC, b) to showcase research in the humanities and fine arts, and c) to promote communication and collaboration among humanities scholars and artists. These events are organized by the Humanities Advisory Council and sponsored by the Division of Research and Graduate Studies at ECU.