Successful Examples

ORD has initiated a Sample Proposal Project to compile a collection of successful proposals that can be used by ECU researchers to support their proposal development efforts. Proposal length/format varies to conform to the funding agency requirements. Details concerning PI identity, salaries, or research may be redacted at the PI's request. However, this level of redaction does not affect the usability of the proposal as a model.

Note that currently a number of proposals noted below are not yet fully available for distribution but represent selected examples of the type of documentation being sought. If you have a currently funded award and are willing to share the proposal narrative with others, please contact the Office of Research Development.

CAREER: Health Sciences
CAREER: Natural Sciences
CAREER: Social Sciences
Program: Computer Science
Program: Engineering
Program: Health Sciences
Program: Sociology
Program: Economics
Major Research Instrumentation (MRI)
Advanced Technology Education (ATE)
NSF Early Career Grants
Doctoral Dissertation Improvement (DDI)
Graduate Research Fellowships
R01s: Four Awards w/ Reviewers' Comments
R01 Proposal
R03 Proposal
R21 Proposal
DHHS: K Proposal (Career Development)

NEA: Bloomsburg Theater Project
NEA: Ordway Music Theater
NEA: Arts Education