Division of Research and Graduate Studies
Office for Research Integrity & Compliance

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IRB Chairs


Biomedical IRB


L. Wiley Nifong, MD                                                             Tammy E. Worden, RPh

Chair & Director of Biomedical IRB                                  Co-Chair of Biomedical IRB

Phone 252-744-2914                                                          Phone 252-744-2914                                                        


Behavioral & Social Sciences IRB


Michelle F. Eble, PhD, CIP                                                 Susan McCammon, PhD

Chair & Director, Behavioral                                              Co-Chair, Behavioral

and Social Sciences IRB                                                   and Social Sciences IRB

Phone 252-744-2914                                                         Phone 252-744-2914                                                       



ORIC Staff


Norma Epley, MS, CIP                                                                                                                                    

Administrative Director

Phone 252-744-1971


Suzanne Sparrow, MPH, CCRC, CIP

Associate Administrative Director

Phone 252-744-1785


Kenneth W. Briley, MSW, CIP

Assistant Director, Quality Improvement

Phone 252-744-5313


Jason T. Conrad, BS

Administrative Support Specialist

Phone 252-744-3191


Neil Gilbird, MPH

University Program Specialist

Phone 252-744-3515


Sandy Matos, BAS

HIPAA Research Analyst

Phone 252-744-0409


Hiromi Sanders

Assistant Director

Office of Research Compliance Administration

Phone 252-328-9474


Annette Mains

Administrative Support Specialist

Phone 252-744-2914


Sierra Nicole Fountain, BA

Administrative Support Specialist

Office of Research Compliance Administration

Phone 252-328-9473