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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13

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Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Interdisciplinary Programs

Asian Studies

John A. Tucker, Director, A-304 Brewster Building

The minor in Asian studies is an interdisciplinary program, offered through the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, requiring a minimum of 24 s.h. The minor offers courses from a range of disciplines, focusing on Asian civilizations and cultures. Students are encouraged to study available Asian languages and take advantage of appropriate study abroad opportunities. A maximum of 6 s.h. in Asia-related study abroad courses may be used to satisfy the minor. Semester hours that count toward the student’s major may not count toward the Asian studies minor. Interdisciplinary programs of study will be coordinated by participating faculty advisors.

A concentration in Asian studies is available through the BA in multidisciplinary studies. Interested students should contact the director of Asian studies.

  1. Core (Asia 2000 or ANTH 2002, plus two other courses, each from a different discipline) - 9 s.h.
    ASIA 2000. Introduction to Asia (3) or ANTH 2002. Introduction to Asia (3)
    ANTH 3002. Cultures of East Asia (3) (FC:SO) P: ANTH 1000, or 2010, or 2200, or consent of the instructor
    ANTH 3013. Cultures of Mainland Southeast Asia (3) (P: ANTH 1000 or 2010 or 2200 or consent of instructor)
    ART 3920. Asian Art (3) (WI*) (F,S)
    GEOG 3051. Asia (3) (FC:SO) (S)
    HIST 3610. History of East Asia to 1600 (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 3611. History of East Asia since 1600 (3) (FC:SO)
    RELI 2692. Buddhism (3) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 2692)
  2. Electives (12 s.h. from at least two disciplines, from the above or following courses. No more than 6 foreign language credit hours can be used as electives). - 12 s.h.
    ANTH 3009. Motherhood of God in Asian Traditions (3) (EY) (FC:SO), Same as RELI 3000; WOST 3000: Any listing of this course may count once towards the minor.
    ART 4916. Art of India (3) (WI) (P: ART 1906, 1907; or consent of the instructor)
    ASIA 2010. Great Books of Modern China (3) (WI) (F-OY) (FC: HU) (WI) (Same as GRBK 2010) (P: ENGL 1200)
    CHIN 1001. Chinese Language I (3)
    CHIN 1002. Chinese Language II (3)
    HIST 3620. History of Modern Japan (3) (FC:SO) (F)
    HIST 3615. History of Traditional Japan (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 3625. Field Study in Japanese Historical Culture (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 3626. Field Study in Japanese Historical Texts (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 3627. History of Japanese Buddhism (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 3629. History of Traditional China (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 3630. History of Modern China (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 4610. History of Southeast Asia (3) (FC:SO)
    HIST 5680. Diplomatic History of Modern Asia (3)
    INTL 2003. Introduction to Chinese Culture (3) (FC:HU) P: ENGL 1200
    INTL 2004. Introduction to Japanese Culture (3) (FC:HU)
    INTL 2100, 2101. Arts and Sciences Abroad: Humanities (3,6) (FC:HU)
    INTL 2200, 2201. Arts and Sciences Abroad: Arts (3, 6) (FC:FA)
    JAPN 1001. Japanese Level I (3)
    JAPN 1002. Japanese Level II (3) (P: JAPN 1001 or placement in 1002 by Japanese placement test)
    JAPN 1003. Japanese Level III (3) (Lab work. P: JAPN 1002 or placement in 1003 by Japanese placement test)
    JAPN 1004. Japanese Level IV (3) (Lab work. P: JAPN 1003 or placement in 1004 by Japanese placement test)
    RELI 2691. Classical Islam (3) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 2691)
    RELI 3691. Islam in the Modern World (3) (WI*) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 3691)
    RELI 3692. Tibetan Religion and Culture (3) (WI*) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 3692)
    RELI 3698. Mysticism (3) (WI*) (FC:HU) (Formerly PHIL 3698)
  3. Senior Seminar - 3 s.h.
    ASIA 4000. Asian Studies Senior Seminar (3) Required