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The University Multimedia Center (UMC) is a faculty support center that promotes the use of instructional technology and enhances the technology-rich learning environment at East Carolina University. The UMC provides assistance to faculty to support the planning, design and development of high quality multimedia components to enhance student learning. We seek to cultivate instructional excellence in traditional, online, and hybrid environments. The UMC especially encourages innovative projects that serve distance education (DE), and projects that are consistent with department and college initiatives, have wide applicability, and are sustainable over time.


Examples of the types of projects developed by the UMC include course projects, innovation projects and large course redesign projects.

  • Course Projects focus on developing multimedia for (1) development of a new course or (2) creation of multimedia materials for the expansion or revision of an established course.  All projects begin with collaboration between faculty, academic unit instructional technology consultant and UMC staff to develop a plan of action. Examples of materials that might be developed for content delivery are interactive activities, simulations, animations to illustrate difficult concepts, and video.
  • Innovation Projects support exploration of emerging technologies and their application to teaching and learning. Innovation projects explore online interactive technologies that will help you solve challenges in your course. Examples of materials might be (1) web technologies such as constructing a narrative visual of little known historical events or (2) games used for teaching that solve real world problems.
  • Large Course Redesign Projects provide resources for faculty members who want to improve large undergraduate courses by incorporating multimedia materials into their teaching. Large course redesign projects also strive to facilitate student learning, increase retention, and achieve more efficient and cost-effective instructional methods.


To initiate a project, contact Laurie Godwin (