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Proposal Content

The brief proposal must include the following information.


Description. Identify course category. Explain the course goals, level, number of students who will be affected, and requirements satisfied by the course. Include other courses that may also use the project if applicable.


Goals and Objectives. Identify core learning objectives that will be affected by the project. Additionally provide changing or new objectives that may be desirable.

Target Audience. If other than indicated in the description.


Context for Use. Describe the technology to be integrated into the course (e.g., interactive map, 3-D animation, simulation, or incorporating graphics into course presentation materials) and an explanation of how the technology will improve teaching, enhance student learning, and achieve learning outcomes.


Implementation Plans. Explain the scope of the project (e.g., the amount and nature of the course materials, the type of technology), the activities involved in developing and integrating technology into the course, and the project timeline.


Quality/Evaluation Standards. Describe tentative assessment measures that will allow evaluation of effectiveness.


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