Online Appointments

In the Fall 2012 semester, The Bate Center tested out online appointments. For these appointments, students didn’t have to physically come to The Bate Center, but they would meet virtually online. Students were able to log into WCOnline from their home computer and virtually meet with a consultant during their scheduled hour. We are continuing to offer online appointments to better meet your needs. We hope that you'll consider trying out this new approach with the writing you are doing in your English 1100 or 1200/2201 course.

When you make an appointment through WCOnline, after selecting The Bate Center schedule, you will want to select 'online' as your meeting space. In this space, you can work on anything. You can brainstorm for your paper, develop your ideas, address your thesis statement, address grammar and punctuation and more. Any question you have about writing, the consultants can help you. In the virtual space, there is a blank white space where you can upload your text and there is also a chat box. Both you and your consultant can see and work with your text, while also carrying on a conversation in the chat box.

Schedule an appointment through WCOnline.

You'll need to register with the program, but once you register you don't have to do it again. When you log into WCOnline, make sure that under schedule (drop down box below your password) that you have selected the Studio schedule. After you are in WCOnline, look for consultants that have online below their name. They should have face-to-face or online written right below their names. If they have an open appointment, the box will be white. You can then double click on the white box and schedule that appointment. The third box on the appointment form asks you if you want to meet face-to-face or online. Select, "yes meet online." Then, fill in the other boxes and click save appointment.

When it is time for your appointment, log back into WCOnline. You'll double click your appointment time. Where you selected "yes meet online" there will be a link that says "start or join your session". Click on that and a new window will pop up. You'll find your consultant there ready to work with you. Your consultant will be able to walk you through uploading your paper.

If you have any questions, you can call The Bate Center at (252)-328-6399.