The Bate Center

Meet the Consultants

 Abigail 3

I am currently pursuing a M.A. in English Literature. While I have seen my fair share of academic papers, I am comfortable with creative writing as well. To me, writing is rewarding and satisfying. I will obsess over the perfect word and then revel in its discovery. There is beauty in all writing styles, academic or creative, and part of the joy of working with a body of writing is finding that beauty, whether it's in how the words flow or in what they say.




Ben Hogwood is in his fourth semester at ECU, where he is working on a MA in English with a concentration in creative nonfiction. He previously worked as a journalist for newspapers in Vermont, New York, and North Carolina. Ben lives in Beaufort with his wife, Janette, and son, Alfie. 

 Brianne Holmes

I am a graduate student in English with a concentration in creative writing, fiction. I particularly enjoy fantasy and speculative fiction. Writing is a journey, an ongoing quest to communicate our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and stories. Whether you're writing persuasive essays, personal narratives, cover letters, news stories, fiction, or anything in between, I would love to join you in your journey through language. Let's travel together.

 Ed Reges

Ed is a lover of fiction in many forms. As a child, he read comic books and played video games. As an adult he reads novels when time allows and while he still plays video games, he also works with an independent gaming company in Raleigh, Eat Death Productions, as a writer and story-boarder. Genre fiction in particular holds a special place in his heart.

As an English/Philosophy undergraduate, he strove to prove that fictional characters actually have an existence, a stance known as fictional realism. He has written several philosophical papers that have been considered for awards from East Carolina University. As the student representative on the English undergraduate committee at ECU, he was proud to advocate such topics as the recognition of creative writing as an undergraduate course of study and the writing for the disciplines course for undergraduates. The English department also recognized his dedication to learning, awarding him the honor of undergraduate student of the year in December of 2013.

Upon achieving his master's degree in rhetoric and composition, Ed intends to share his passion of argumentation and composition with students of his own while composing his own works, both fictional and philosophical.

Gaiselle Cambra

Undergraduate major: English and political science major

English Concentration: creative writing

GA Assignment: writing consultant 

Why ECU: I had a fourth grade teacher who graduated from ECU and she spoke highly about the school, so it's the only school I've wanted to attend. 

Future plans: I plan to be a college professor.

 Jason Fitzgerald

I received bachelor's degrees in English and Philosophy from ECU, and I am currently pursuing an MA in English with a concentration in Literature. I enjoy reading and writing in all their forms and have writing experience in multiple genres from Creative Fiction to News Reports to Rhetorical Analyses. All writing has a purpose - whether it's to explain, illuminate, persuade, or simply entertain - and I look forward to helping students with any kind of writing at any stage in the process.

I started college in the town of Goldsboro, NC before transferring to ECU in my junior year. I completed undergrad with a degree in English. Currently I am a Creative Writing Fiction concentration. I enjoy literary analysis, literary criticism, and articulating ideas through research.


Justin Littlefield

My name is Justin and I’m a first year MA student in English with a concentration on Literature. I attended ECU for undergraduate degree so I’m already familiar with the area. My focus in research is on children and young adult literature. When I do have time to dabble into other realms I research issues on gender, race, and sexuality.



Justine McClarren

I have worked in the University Writing Center and the First Year Writing Studio, now the Bate Center, throughout my last year of undergrad and throughout the English Master's program. My concentration is in literature. I believe that everyone can benefit from spending more time with her or his writing and can grow as a writer.

Rex Rose

I'm a Journalism major who loves both verbal and written communication. I enjoy working on everything from presentations to intensive research papers. I have worked with faculty, graduate students, undergraduates and ESL students, so whoever you are don't hesitate to schedule with me. While I work at the center as a consultant, I also handle all our social media channels. From Facebook posts to research papers, I have experience in all varieties of writing.

Zack Ckark 

I am a graduate student pursuing an MA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing.  I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and an MA in Teaching, with a concentration in Secondary English Education.  My writing experience has centered on literary analysis and creative writing, though I have experience guiding students writing on a variety of formats and topics.  I look forward to helping other students improve their writing skills in the BWC.