A Typical Tutoring Session

Sessions in The Bate Center are one-on-one discussions with a consultant about your writing and about strategies that may help you improve your writing. Though each consultant works a bit differently, you can expect to discuss your assignment, to read your essay, to identify areas where improvement may be possible, and to discuss strategies you can utilize in your writing process.

When you visit The Bate Center, please come ready to ask and answer questions about your writing. It is also helpful to bring a copy of the assignment and any work you've done so far.

Tutoring sessions typically:
• Last around 30-45 minutes - maybe a little more or less
• Focus on two or three main writing issues
• Improve your writing skills as you talk one-on-one with a consultant
• Involve talking, thinking, reading aloud, brainstorming, and more
• Conclude with a short evaluation and reiteration of what the next steps are in your writing process
• May lead to follow-up sessions
• Respect the confidentiality of your visit. A consultant will send a report form to your instructor only at your request.

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