Workshops are "mini-lessons" which consultants present to individual students, groups of students, or to an entire class section if requested by the instructor. Many of our consultants will be teaching English 1100 or 1200/2201 and these workshops provide them with an opportunity to test the waters in front of a class in a safe environment and with your mentorship.

Workshops commonly requested by ENGL 1100 instructors include those which focus on helping students understand the writing process, while ENGL 1200/2201 instructors typically request workshops that are designed to help students learn the skills involved in research writing. Each workshop provides a discussion of specific writing principle(s) as well as exercises which help reinforce the concept(s) covered.

Some of the workshops The Bate Center currently offers focus on:
• Thesis Statements and Introductions
• Effective Sentences
• Grammar
• Grammatical Sentences
• Punctuation• Organization and Coherence
• Peer Review
• Documenting Sources and Works Cited
• Bibliography
• Evaluating Sources
• Note Taking and Plagiarism
• Metacognitive and Reflective Writing
• Rhetorical Analysis

If these workshops do not fit your needs, the graduate student staff can work with you to devise a workshop that does. Just choose "other" on the appointment form and describe the type of workshop you need or email your idea to