You may have a few questions before visiting the University Writing Center. We answer our most frequently asked questions here. You may also stop by the Center to get more information.


What would a visit to the University Writing Center (UWC) do for me?
When you come to the writing center you enter a community of writers that care about what you say and will patiently help you master skills to clearly express your ideas. Instructors across the disciplines agree that student writing improves after the student receives informed, quality feedback from the writing center.

Who are the writing consultants?
Writing consultants working in the University Writing Center are graduate and undergraduate students from across the disciplines prepared through intensive instruction in how to discuss writing and work with students.

Who can visit sites of the UWC?
The UWC supports all writers (students, faculty, and staff) doing any type of writing for courses, applications, cover letters, etc.

What should I bring?
The more, the better. You should bring a copy of the assignment, any work you have done (notes, outlines, drafts, etc.), and anything else you would like to discuss. Please also be prepared to answer specific questions concerning the assignment.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Maybe - appointments are encouraged but not required. All three of our sites (Joyner Library, Bate Center, and Laupus Library) welcome walk–ins depending on availability.  Writers can make an appointment to visit the writing center by clicking Make an Appointment.

How long does a session last?
We plan on 45 minutes per tutorial session. Some are a little shorter; some are a little longer. Sessions rarely last more than one hour. You can make arrangements to meet with the same consultant, but there are also benefits to meeting with someone new.

Will a consultant correct my paper for me?
Because this is your writing, you have the final say about what gets changed. Consultants will not do your work for you. We want to offer suggestions and ask questions to facilitate your decisions about your writing. We also want to help you become a better writer, and you can't do that if someone else does the writing.

What will the consultant and I discuss?
If you have special concerns you would like the consultant to address, be sure to let the consultant know. If you have no stated concerns, the consultant will address two or three major issues. We believe that any more than that will place constraints on how in-depth the session will be in addressing your needs as a writer.

How much does a session at the UWC cost?
Nothing. There is no charge for working with a writing consultant, and we welcome students, faculty, and staff from any major or department across the campus.