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e-Tutoring (OWL)

Welcome to the Online Writing Lab! One of the unique services we provide is e-Tutoring. Our introduction video below gives you more information about what you can expect as a writer. 



Procedures for Using the OWL: E-Tutoring Appointments

Navigate to: http://ecu.mywconline.com. If this is your first visit, you will need to register with our appointment system. Click the registration link and fill out the on-screen form. Use your student email to make your account.

1. After you have registered, or if you had previously registered, login with your email and password. Make sure the drop-down menu on the login screen says "Online Writing Lab." The other schedules are not for online tutoring, and will not allow you to upload papers.

2. Once you have logged in, you will see an appointment screen. Double-click on a free appointment (colored white) and fill in the form to schedule your appointment.

Remember - it isn't necessary for you to physically attend the appointment for e-Tutoring. Just check your email at the end of the hour for notification that your appointment has been modified. Then, log back into WConline and you'll find your paper attached to your appointment.

3. Once you have selected an appointment, there will be an information form for you to fill out. This is to help us understand your writing assignment. Your name should automatically appear next to the word "client." The name listed by "resource" is the consultant that will be helping you with your paper.

It is essential that you provide us with your instructor's name and email so (if requested) a report can be sent to him/her. Additionally, please provide the due date of your assignment (e.g. January 23, 2017 or 01/23/17), as well as specific concerns, problems, and questions that you would like us to address in your paper so that we can be of as much assistance as possible. There are spaces on the form to help you provide all the necessary information. Once you have filled out the form, click the Save Appointment button.

4. After you have saved your appointment, you can attach your paper. Click the attachment link at the bottom of your appointment confirmation and follow the on-screen directions to upload your paper. If you have already made your appointment and forgotten to upload the paper, go to the main appointment page, click the yellow folder icon (Attach a File to an Existing Appointment), choose your appointment from the drop down list, click browse to find the file on your computer, name your paper if you wish, and click "Upload File."

5. The consultant will now be able to view and make comments on your assignment. Click "CLOSE WINDOW" to complete the scheduling process.

At the end of the appointment, you should receive an email that says your appointment has been modified which means your paper is ready. To retrieve your paper with feedback, open up your appointment and download the paper with comments.

For screen captures and other information, please view our prezi:

For a short video tutorial on eTutoring appointments, please click here: 

For a short video tutorial on uploading a file after you’ve made your appointment, please click here: 

For a short video tutorial on accessing a paper after an appointment, please click here: