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Each day our trained consultants assist students with their writing needs across the disciplines at East Carolina University.  Get to know them. They are ready to assist you!

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I'm a graduate English student, currently working on my Master's degree. I have two Bachelors degrees – one in Spanish and one in English. So, the past 6 years of my life have been completely dedicated to academic writing, primarily research-based analysis, exposition and argument style papers. Moreover, I have been tutoring for English and Spanish writing since 2011. I am very familiar with MLA, APA, and Chicago style. I also have extensive research experience. And, I am comfortable working with any learning and writing style, but am most compatible with visual and auditory learners. I love getting to know my tutees and learning together how best to help them grow as writers.

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My name is Anna. I'm a graduate student in the Maritime Studies program. I earned my BA in English and Women's Studies from Appalachian State. My favorite type of writing is probably narrative. I love how writing can be used to express thoughts and explore curiosities. The ability to write clearly and persuasively is one of the most important skills a person could possess. I look forward to helping my fellow students develop and improve their writing skills.


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I am a graduate student working towards my master’s degree in English with a concentration in Technical and Professional Communication. I obtained a BA in English, while minoring in Biology, at ECU. I also have a certificate in business and technical communication from ECU. I enjoy many types of writing such as: creative, scientific, technical and professional.




I am an undergraduate student double-majoring in Art Education and Multidisciplinary Studies (Art Histories). In my spare time, I enjoy reading memoirs, and my favorite type of paper to review is a reflection paper. I like to write about personal events in my life that are significant to me, and I also like to write as a form of activism. I believe art is one of the most powerful tools to leverage social change, and I like to use my writing skills as a way to practice that. I think my strongest skill as a writer is to create imagery and make the reader feel like they were a part of my story. I hope as a consultant with the UWC, I can help every client I have feel more confident with his/her/their writing skills. I look forward to learning about a variety of topics from other students and faculty who visit me at the UWC, and I look forward to hopefully improving my own writing skills through working here.



I am a sophomore EC Scholar studying English Secondary Education. As a future English teacher who believes in the power and necessity of effective writing, I love working with others through the writing process. My interests include literary criticism, rhetorical analysis, and using logic to craft arguments. My favorite thing about writing is that everyone has the power to write something that has never been written before. Through our writing we can bring order and clarity to complex thoughts and emotions! I personally enjoy writing anecdotes and developing arguments for analysis. My biggest goal is to help writers develop sentence variety and other stylistic elements that take writing to the next level. What I am most excited about is developing relationships with clients and sharing my love for writing with my fellow pirates!


Hi! I'm Hope and I'm majoring in Forensic Science. I am really familiar with scientific papers, research papers and lab reports. My favorite kind of writing is creative writing. I don't get to do it often because the writing in my field is based around fact and data. I have my "Writer's Toolkit" which was something I never knew existed until a professor (R. Nancy) introduced it to me. My toolkit is something that I implement on every paper I write. I look forward to working with my fellow Pirates in the UWC and sharing this idea of a toolkit. I know the alleviation I got after my own sessions with consultants at UWC for papers I stressed over and would love to pass that feeling and sense of relief to others! I hope to help them develop ideas and concepts to really blossom within their writing, while helping me become a better writer too!


For me, writing gives the opportunity to express thoughts in a clearly organized and well thought out manner. It allows for a thought to be revised and planned prior to it being revealed. This aspect of writing is very powerful as it is something that verbal conversation lacks. I enjoy writing various forms of informational writing because of the planning involved to convey the desired message. As a writer, I am a huge believer in the importance of planning and organization. A few minutes of planning can prevent hours of troubles later in the writing piece. I am eager to work with those in the writing center because the writing consultant position offers a unique chance to exchange skills and learn all while bettering each other. 

Jeremy C

I am a graduate student; I have earned my Bachelor's Degree in English and am currently working towards acquiring my Master's Degree. I enjoy writing and reading fiction, short stories, and poetry and plan to teach these subjects. I also aim to have my own writing published in the future. I am a strong advocate of creative writing, in all of its forms. I encourage everyone to give writing a try, and to see what they can create when they put their minds to it. I hope to inspire others through my teaching and writing to pick up a pen (or a laptop) and create their own written worlds as well. 


My favorite author is Stephen King, but I also love the novels in the Florida style such as MacDonald, Hiaasen, Dorsey, and Lindsay.I love how no two people write alike, each person’s style is as unique as a fingerprint.I have great organizational skills, and lots of experience helping people gain additional resource materials.I can’t wait to help other students discover writing abilities they might not be aware they possess.

I Heart UWC

I have an English undergraduate degree, a linguistics minor, and a TESOL certificate under my belt. I’m currently working on my master’s in Multicultural and Transnational Literature. While I am well versed in multiple areas of writing, creative writing and linguistics are my favorite areas to work in. I’m most looking forward to seeing different writing styles with the students that come in for guidance.


Hello, I am a Sophomore this year. I enjoy writing because it gives us the ability to share our thoughts and ideas with others. My favorite kind of writing is creative writing because it allows the individual to express themselves freely. My writing strengths are organization and my ability to develop ideas. Last spring, I took a writing course designed to help us tutor individuals in the Writing Center. I look forward to using the techniques I learned to help writers make the best work possible.


Hi! My name is Mary Kathryn. I'm a Political Science major with minor in English. I have been writing since I was old enough to comprehend the English language. I love to creative write. I am have a great deal of experience in writing essays, specifically research essays and argumentative essays. I appreciate the research behind the writing and I love to learn new things. If you're looking for a consultant that can provide in-depth criticism, I'm your girl!!

Matthew 2017

Because of my background in biology and chemistry, scientific writing is my strength. I've composed quite a few formal lab reports and quantitative research papers during my time at ECU. However, the rigid structure of the sciences makes me value the freedom and creativity of fiction writing and poetry. I value writing so highly because it allows people and ideas to transcend the limits of time and space to communicate valuable ideas. As a tutor, I hope to work with a variety of unique writers to create pieces that accurately convey the message they wish to send.

Melissa G

My name is Melissa Glen. I am a sophomore Communication and Political Science major at ECU. I have been involved with writing ever since I joined my high school newspaper. I was the editor in chief my senior year, and now I work for the ECU newspaper in the news section. I like writing, because it is a way of expressing valuable ideas, emotions and memories. It is a way of keeping something forever that could otherwise be lost. I am skilled at developing free flowing transitions in papers. I am also good at writing introductions which get the thesis statement across to the readers. I have had experience with science research papers, english papers, history papers, personal statements and creative writing papers. I am looking forward to being able to help people discover their own talents with writing. I want people to see writing is something everyone can be good at with time.



Hi, I am a graduate student pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching-English Education. My favorite type of writing is research writing. I have been research writing for a long time, so I am most comfortable with it. I enjoy working with people on grammar, MLA formatting, and paper organization. I am patient, and I understand the frustration of writing.  I am approachable and always here to help.  

Mollie Frazier

I am a Master of Library Science student with a bachelor's degree in History and Hispanic Studies. I enjoy writing that requires investigation into primary and secondary sources. I am very familiar with all types of citations and bibliography requirements. I am proficient in English and Spanish grammar. I look forward to helping others advance their writing skills and hope they leave feeling more confident in their capabilities. :)


I'm a graduate student in Rehabilitation and Career Counseling with experience in writing education, nursing, synthesis, and English papers. My favorite part of the writing process is definitely brainstorming, but I also love helping writers research interesting articles for their papers, organize their content, and better understand the assignment. While APA formatting is my favorite, I can confidently locate resources for any formatting style.

Omar Sutherland

It’s often been said of me, for various reasons, that I should have lived in an earlier era. I couldn’t say if that’s true, but I do know that throughout my life, I’ve been drawn to the writing of times past—authors like Poe, Hawthorne, Mangham, and Austen, among many others. I most look forward to being able to help the students who come to the Writing Center to develop some of the skills I learned through reading and emulating those writers: crispness of language, organization of ideas, and the ability to put words on a page—the same words everybody uses every day—in such a way as to produce something that is a source of enjoyment for both the writer and the reader.

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My background is in scholarly writing, particularly for research. I also have a strong interest in consumer-based blog writing. I enjoy writing because it gives you a chance to stand out. Whether it is for ourselves or for others, for fictional or scientific writing, every piece written involves putting a piece of yourself in it. I enjoy all types of writing, with my personal favorite style being persuasive essays. I’m looking forward to connecting with people who desire to improve their writing capability and discover their own style and expertise as we work together in the writing center.


I am a graduate student majoring in English, specifically Multicultural and Transnational Literatures. My B.A. is in English Literature with a minor in Professional Writing. I enjoy all types of writing, from rhetorical analysis to journalism – and everything in between! I like to focus on brainstorming, thesis statements/development, and essay organization. I am most familiar with MLA format. I look forward to working with writers of all disciplines as a writing consultant. Just as each writer is unique, so is every piece of writing.


My name is Seaver, and I love how creative you can be in writing. Writing is an activity where you can just let your mind run free and let the words flow. I have quite a bit of experience writing in Philosophy. I look forward to helping people in the writing center to make their papers better. I like creative writing and learning new writing techniques from other people. I enjoy writing thoroughly, and thinking through how to format papers correctly.