Meet Our Consultants

Each day our trained consultants assist students with their writing needs across the disciplines at East Carolina University.  Get to know them. They are ready to assist you!

Writing has proven a passion of mine since a very early age. My time at East Carolina University has only caused my love of writing to flourish. Within my majors, History and Philosophy, I have produced several research papers among other shorter formal writings. There is no greater place to work and develop one’s writing skills than the Humanities and I am grateful for the immense amount of information my discipline has taught me to date. Putting thoughts on a page and allowing the words running through my head to become something more, to become a unique piece of literature, drives me as writer. As a writing consultant, I hope to ignite the passion for writing in other students and allow myself to be of aid to those who wish to fan the creative fire burning within them.


I am a first semester MA student with an English Studies concentration. As an undergraduate student here at ECU, I completed an internship with the North Carolina Literary Review. That experience indulged my passion for creative writing, rhetorical analysis, and copy editing. In addition, I have experience in media writing, research proposals, and theses completion. I look forward to engaging with students who wish to improve their writing skills.

I am a doctoral student in Biology, and I have a passion for science (especially biology), so the bulk of my writing experience is technical and scientific writing.  This includes lab reports, research articles, literature reviews, research proposals and theses.  I would also be able to help students with their CVs, personal statements (such as for graduate school or other applications), as well as other types of writing. I want to pursue a career in academia, so I’m looking forward to being a writing consultant in order to improve my editing skills and ability to give helpful feedback.

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I am a Criminal Justice and Philosophy Dual-Major. Due to my two majors, I tend to focus on more analytical, argument based writing, and occasionally persuasive essays. I enjoy writing because it is an opportunity to express your opinion and have the opportunity to give everyone a new perspective on an old subject (as with Philosophy). I am most looking forward to working with the Writing Center because it is an opportunity to experience new writing styles and personalities, and help others become better writers.


One of my favorite things about writing is discovering and cultivating your own style, and using it to better express yourself. Sometimes I find it easier to do so in writing rather than verbally. My writing skills are the most proficient in my creative writing/story writing, however I am rather adept at academic writing as well. My favorite kind of writing is creative, as it is what I do the most often. My original intention was to use my B.A. in English to help me become an author, and publish some of my work. I'm looking forward to exercising my writing skills to help others, and by extension help others sharpen their own skills and develop their own writing style.
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I like literature and other writing that is informative and clear. I like that writing allows people to compose and express their thoughts and feelings as beautifully and clearly as their language will allow. I know how to write, which is a good start. I can write clearly, communicating complex ideas simply and eloquently. I am excited to help people gain a greater authority over their ability to express themselves to others. 

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Even though I favor mathematics and science, I have always loved creative writing. In my first writing and composition class, my professor encouraged me to keep writing and always focused on the positives in my work and how to improve. I use these principles whenever I help someone with their work, because I believe if someone is able to recognize their own growth and improvement, they will continuously strive to be better. Writing is a way to build upon thoughts and ideas, not just express them. It is very fulfilling to help enable an individual to develop their own ideas through writing, and that is my goal with everyone I assist.
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For me, writing gives the opportunity to express thoughts in a clearly organized and well thought out manner. It allows for a thought to be revised and planned prior to it being revealed. This aspect of writing is very powerful as it is something that verbal conversation lacks. I enjoy writing various forms of informational writing because of the planning involved to convey the desired message. As a writer, I am a huge believer in the importance of planning and organization. A few minutes of planning can prevent hours of troubles later in the writing piece. I am eager to work with those in the writing center because the writing consultant position offers a unique chance to exchange skills and learn all while bettering each other. 


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My favorite kind of writing is reflective, which is what is required in philosophical papers. I also am interested in APA style since I am a psychology major. In writing, I enjoy the opportunity to express my thoughts and information gathered through research. Along with the ability to write, I have experience in argument analysis. As a consultant, I hope to not only help other students by giving them the tools to become a better writer, I would like to become a better writer myself. 

Hi, I’m Kendall! I am currently a graduate student in ECU’s Communication Sciences and Disorders program and have experience writing and editing papers for both the sciences and the humanities. As an editor, my strengths lie in topic-maintenance, organization, and grammar. My favorite type of academic writing is research papers because of the opportunity to learn about a topic in-depth. My favorite types of non-academic writing are YA novels and poetry, which I enjoy reading and writing in my free time. As a consultant at the UWC, I look forward to helping students communicate their ideas in a clear, efficient, and impactful way and contributing to positive writing experiences!



I am an undergraduate consultant majoring in Child Life with a focus on helping children and families cope through medical experiences and normalizing hospital settings.I love writing and helping others write because it is a multidimensional form of communication. It is a means of providing technical information, an avenue of expressing feelings, a way of conveying thoughts, and so much more. I successfully help writers get their “creative juices flowing.” Whether the task is brainstorming a topic, creating a thesis sentence, effectively phrasing an idea, or writing a conclusion, writers need intrinsic motivation and a broad range of ideas. I also coach writers through analyzing and expressing their thoughts so that their intentions can be clearly written with higher-level language. I work with writers so that we as a team can generate and/or improve the writer’s piece of work. By working together, we learn skills and gain knowledge from each other that may go beyond one particular assignment.




I am an undergrad majoring in nursing. Writing often does not get the credit it deserves because of the experiences many students have with it over their academic career. However, it is writing that gives students a voice amongst a crowd. Each assignment should be unique to the mind of the author because the entire purpose is to effectively convey their ideas to their audience. I personally prefer a rhetorical analysis because of the creativity it allows but have experience in a broad range of writing, and new assignments are interesting to me. I look forward to experiencing the ideas that students have and helping them to improve on sharing their ideas with others. Once I’m able to work through this feat with my fellow Pirates and get near the end of the writing process, I also have an interest in the mechanics of writing so that words that sound right to an author can also be understood by any audience.

My favorite kind of writing is literary analysis, research essays, and creative writing. I love to write because it is a permanent form of expressing thoughts and ideas about what I have learned in my reading and research. The ideas from brainstorming and research become real when I write; and that solidification is rewarding! My writing skills include brainstorming ideas for research, developing a strong thesis and general organization/formatting. As the first DE writing consultant at the UWC, I am elated to be a part of this growing team! I look forward to working with other students with hope to share in the rewarding experience of writing. I also want to continue sharpening my writing skills as I try to learn something new every day! Go Pirates! 
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I am an undergrad majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. My favorite kind of writing is prewriting my ideas and brainstorming. I like the early stages of the writing process because I do not have to formally write a paper yet. I am a very organized person, and I am the same when writing papers. Organizing my ideas on paper is fun to me. It’s the stage in the writing process where my voice is slowly being developed in my papers. As a consultant, I want to help students make sure they are voicing themselves in their papers – that’s what I’m most excited about in the UWC!

I am a graduate student in Education (Elementary). While my favorite kind of writing is most notably fiction, I find that I am very proficient in writing academic research papers. I love being able to research and find information from a variety of sources as well as organizing that information in an effective manner to convey the true purpose of the paper. I love writing because it allows individuals to express their ideas, passions, and interests to the world no matter their level of expertise or background. It was Virginia Woolf who said, "Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works." To me, writing is a reflection of one's true self. My strengths in writing include: APA formatting, academic research, and general organization and structure of papers. I look forward to working with a diverse population of writers, and I hope that we will learn and grow together during our time at the University Writing Center.  

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I enjoy writing because it gives you a chance to stand out. Whether it is for ourselves or for others, for fictional or scientific writing, every piece written involves putting a piece of yourself in it. I enjoy all types of writing, with my personal favorite style being persuasive essays. I look forward to connecting with people who desire to improve their writing capability and discover their own style and expertise as we work together in the writing center.

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Hey what’s up hello! I am an undergrad journalism major from Philadelphia, PA. As a writing center consultant, I look forward to learning with and from other students. My favorite kind of writing, so far, is research and rhetorical analysis papers. I find success in critically thinking about specific topics and articulating those thoughts into words on a paper. Being able to understand something and write about it is always rewarding. I enjoy reading everything from books to random advertisements because the more you read the better you write. Go Pirates!




Hello, I am an undergraduate student majoring in Architectural Design. My favorite type of writing is rhetorical analyses. I enjoy this writing style because it allows the writer to convey their thoughts on the work that they read. I love writing due to the fact it is such a free form of expression that allows people to express themselves in anyway they’d like. Personally, I love to plan so the initial planning and organizing of the material appeals to me. Before sitting down to write, all the “creative juices” are unorganized so planning out an essay gives a good sense of structure. I look forward to helping students strengthen their writing skills as well as my own. Writing not only helps get good grades in the moment but also in the long run with future employers. I look forward to working with every student I get the opportunity to.


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My name is Seaver, and I love how creative you can be in writing. Writing is an activity where you can just let your mind run free and let the words flow. I have quite a bit of experience writing in Philosophy. I look forward to helping people in the writing center to make their papers better. I like creative writing and learning new writing techniques from other people. I enjoy writing thoroughly, and thinking through how to format papers correctly.


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My favorite kind of writing is poetry. I love that poetry is all about personal interpretation of the piece and I love that everyone could have their own original stance on the same poem. What I love about writing is that it is so personal to every person. I also think writing can be a good outlet for personal opinions. I think my strength when it comes to writing is being able to articulate my viewpoint in a manner that makes people more aware of certain issues. As a consultant, I look forward to helping others discover their niche when writing.