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Writing Mentors are undergraduate or graduate students embedded in a Writing Intensive course. Meet our team for Spring 2016. More questions about Writing Mentors? Visit: Becoming A Writing Mentor or Writing Mentors (for faculty interested in having a writing mentor for their writing intensive course).

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Meet Christian

I am a graduate student working towards my master’s degree in English with a concentration in Technical and Professional Communication. I obtained a BA in English, while minoring in Biology, at ECU. I also have a certificate in business and technical communication from ECU. I enjoy many types of writing such as: creative, scientific, technical and professional.

Meet Hope

Hi! I'm Hope and I'm majoring in Forensic Science. I am really familiar with scientific papers, research papers and lab reports. My favorite kind of writing is creative writing. I don't get to do it often because the writing in my field is based around fact and data. I have my "Writer's Toolkit" which was something I never knew existed until a professor (R. Nancy) introduced it to me. My toolkit is something that I implement on every paper I write. I look forward to working with my fellow Pirates in the UWC and sharing this idea of a toolkit. I know the alleviation I got after my own sessions with consultants at UWC for papers I stressed over and would love to pass that feeling and sense of relief to others! I hope to help them develop ideas and concepts to really blossom within their writing, while helping me become a better writer too!

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Meet Matthew

Because of my background in biology and chemistry, scientific writing is my strength. I've composed quite a few formal lab reports and quantitative research papers during my time at ECU. However, the rigid structure of the sciences makes me value the freedom and creativity of fiction writing and poetry. I value writing so highly because it allows people and ideas to transcend the limits of time and space to communicate valuable ideas. As a tutor, I hope to work with a variety of unique writers to create pieces that accurately convey the message they wish to send.

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Meet Rachel W.

My background is in scholarly writing, particularly for research. I also have a strong interest in consumer-based blog writing.

Rachel is an undergraduate consultant majoring in Nutrition Science.

Meet Seaver

My name is Seaver, and I love how creative you can be in writing. Writing is an activity where you can just let your mind run free and let the words flow. I have quite a bit of experience writing in Philosophy. I look forward to helping people in the writing center to make their papers better. I like creative writing and learning new writing techniques from other people. I enjoy writing thoroughly, and thinking through how to format papers correctly.

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