If a student makes an appointment, then we ask he/she to be on time for his/her scheduled meeting. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, the appointment will be marked as a no-show and the appointment will be given to a student who is waiting. After 3 no-shows, the student will be locked out of the WCOnline scheduling system and will have to email the UWC Director to have their account unlocked. If a student can’t make it to his/her scheduled time then we ask that he/she login in to his/her account and cancel the appointment; this will notify the consultant of your cancellation and also allows another student to take that time slot.

We ask that each student only make one appointment a day. We feel that an important part of our sessions is giving the student ample time to revise and incorporate ideas that were discussed. This also allows other students the chance to work with our consultants and allows us to better serve the students of ECU. WCOnline is set to only allow one appointment, per day, per student.

Because the UWC has as its goal of strengthening a writer’s skills, we generally do not work with students on their writing on the day that an assignment is due. We feel that this does not allow for ample time for a writer to consider suggestions and implement them in a revision, so please visit the UWC with enough time to revise.