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Writing Mentors are undergraduate or graduate students embedded in a Writing Intensive course. 

Writing Mentors are undergraduate or graduate students embedded in a Writing Intensive course. If undergraduate students are interested in serving as a Writing Mentor, they should plan to enroll in ENGL 3875: Peer Tutoring (Writing Intensive) during the spring semester. Successful completion of this course is a requirement for undergraduates applying to be Writing Mentors. Graduate students interested in being Writing Mentors must first apply to be a Writing Consultant in the UWC, and complete a semester of work along with specific workshops and orientations to serve as a Writing Mentor the following semester or year.

As part of ENGL 3875, we will look at some historical writing center research as well as more recent conceptions of writing work to understand and answer, "what is a writing center?". Beyond looking at writing center research, we will focus on ways to help you learn strategies to help student writers in either a writing center context or a writing mentor context. The goal of the course is to help students work with writers and improve their own writing skills.

We invite you to apply to the UWC by clicking the link below & submitting your application:

Graduate Mentor


Meet Our Mentors for Fall 2016

Meet Monica
I am a graduate student in Education (Elementary). While my favorite kind of writing is most notably fiction, I find that I am very proficient in writing academic research papers. I love being able to research and find information from a variety of sources as well as organizing that information in an effective manner to convey the true purpose of the paper. I love writing because it allows individuals to express their ideas, passions, and interests to the world no matter their level of expertise or background. It was Virginia Woolf who said, "Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works." To me, writing is a reflection of one's true self. My strengths in writing include: APA formatting, academic research, and general organization and structure of papers. I look forward to working with a diverse population of writers, and I hope that we will learn and grow together during our time at the University Writing Center.   


Meet Lena

My favorite kind of writing is literary analysis, research essays, and creative writing. I love to write because it is a permanent form of expressing thoughts and ideas about what I have learned in my reading and research. The ideas from brainstorming and research become real when I write; and that solidification is rewarding! My writing skills include brainstorming ideas for research, developing a strong thesis and general organization/formatting. As the first DE writing consultant at the UWC, I am elated to be a part of this growing team! I look forward to working with other students with hope to share in the rewarding experience of writing. I also want to continue sharpening my writing skills as I try to learn something new every day! Go Pirates! 


Meet Jessica
I am an undergrad communications and political science double major and the third in my family to become an East Carolina Pirate. I am an avid reader of more books I could count, thankfully my Nook does that for me. I do not have a favorite type of writing. My favorite part of writing is the power that each word holds, the magic the words on the page can create when someone who believes in that magic writes them. As a writer my greatest skills are grammar and word choice. As a consultant, I am most looking forward to watching students discover the magic that writing possesses, and helping new writers become excited about what they have written.