Common Writing Resources

The documents below, thought out and designed by consultants in the UWC and The Bate Center, cover some of the most commonly asked questions and concerns writers have.

For a comprehensive list of additional writing resources, please visit the

Student Writing Resources page.

APA Style
MLA Handout
Grammar Cheat Sheet

UWC Resources

Welcome to the one-stop shop for everything about ECU’s writing center. Below is a list of links to YouTube videos and Prezi presentations. All of this information is designed to help you better navigate our online site and writing center. From information about how to upload papers to our online site, to our operating hours, to information about our social media sites, the information here is all about our—and more importantly your—writing center.

Introduction to the UWC (Prezi)
UWC Meet Online Appointments (Prezi)
UWC eTutoring Appointments (Prezi)

How to Schedule a Meet Online Appointment on the OWL

How to Schedule an eTutoring Appointment on the OWL

How to Upload a File to an Existing OWL Appointment

How to Access Your Document with Feedback after an eTutoring Appointment

Writing in the Disciplines

If anyone has ever told you that all writing is the same, then you need to browse through the documents below. Writing differs greatly depending on the academic discipline. To help you better understand the types of writing that you may be asked to do, check out the documents that the Peer Tutoring Course students have created for your use.

•  WID Music
•  WID Art History
•  WID History
•  WID Journalism
•  WID Kinesiology
•  WID Mathematics
•  WID Political Science

Other Writing Resources & Websites

While we—the writing center consultants and staff—have a wealth of writing knowledge, we don’t pretend to know it all. But we do have the tools to point you in the right direction. The links below are just a few of the resources that we commonly use in our sessions. And, if you are looking for more specific information—or maybe you aren’t a fan of online resources—come in today and peruse through our writing/citing books. Also, if you have a site you love, please send it to us!

Other Writing Center Pages
Online Writing Lab at Purdue University
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Writing Center Handouts
Vanderbilt University Writing Center Handouts
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Writing Center Writing Tips

ECU Specific
Joyner Library
The Career Center

General Writing Tips
University of Chicago Writing Program “Writing in College” Guide

Google Scholar
George Mason University: “Help with Writing Research Papers”
Bern Dibner Library: “Don’t know how to start your research paper?”

Words and Sentences
Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips
Guide to Grammar & Writing
Hamilton College Writing Tips