Human Resources




Health Plans
All State Health Plan Forms
Leave Forms
FLSA Non-Exempt (Subject to Overtime) Leave Record
Faculty Serious Illness Leave Form
FMLA: Illness of Family Member Form
FMLA: Self-Illness Forms
FMLA: Return to Work for Self-Illness Form
FMLA: Return to Work/Illness of a Family Member Form
FMLA: Adoption/Foster Placement Form
Shared Leave: Request to Donate Form and Guidelines
Shared Leave: Request to Use Form and Guidelines
TSERS Retirement Forms
Supplemental Retirement Plans
NC 401K and 457 Deferred Compensation Plan
403B Voluntary Retirement Plan
Tuition Waiver
Tuition Waiver Form

Employment Services

Online Employment Application
Application Policy for New Employees
Career-Banded Market Reference Rates
Legislative Increase History (1971-Present)
Summary of Rights under the FCRA
Approval for Secondary Employment Form
Approval for Dual Employment Form
Request for SHRA Employee to Teach a Course
Acting Promotion Process/Procedure
Special Forms of Pay in Banner
New Casual and Temporary Employment Process PowerPoint
Temporary Employment Process
Request for Temporary Employment
Information for the Temporary Employee
Temporary Employee Letter
Hiring Manager Letter for Temporary Employment
SHRA/CSS Internal Compensation Increase Request Form FY 2017  
Mass Time Entry
Mass/Web Time Entry Payroll Calendar
HERC Talking Points
HERC Member Benefits

Classification and Compensation

Organizational Chart Memo
Request for Occasional or Sporadic Employment

Employee Relations

Entry and Exist Process Forms
New Employee Entry Checklist
Property Assignment Form
Employee Separation Checklist
Employee Transfer Checklist
EHRA Exit Interview Questionnaire
SHRA/CSS Exit Interview Questionnaire (Leaving ECU)
SHRA/CSS Exit Interview Questionnaire (Transferring within ECU)
Continuing Benefit Information Sheet
Performance Management Forms
Performance Management Flowchart
Interim Evaluation Instructions
Final Evaluation Instructions
Instructions for Certifying Job Descriptions
Instructions to Activate Evaluations
Employee Instructions for Initial Review of Evaluation
Employee Instructions for Confirmation and Commenting on Evaluation
Probationary Quarterly Review
Disciplinary Forms
CSS Corrective Action Report
Mediation/Grievance Forms
Mediation and Appeal Policy for SHRA Employees
SHRA Formal Grievance Mediation Request Form (Step 1)
SHRA Formal Grievance Panel Hearing Request Form (Step 2)
Teleworking Agreement Forms
Teleworking Application/Agreement for ECU
ECU Home Safety Checklists and Procedures