Classification & Compensation


East Carolina University has adopted the core compensation principles of the State of North Carolina which establish the rationale and objectives of a competitive compensation program, Career Banding. Each career banded classification has an overall pay band with assigned minimum and maximum pay rates. 


In addition, statewide market reference rates are established to improve competitiveness based on job competency levels (defined as: contributing market rate, journey market rate, and advanced market rate).  Every manager has the responsibility and accountability to actively "manage" each employee's pay in relation to the market index (target range of 90% to 110%).  Effective pay management is intended to be implemented in a fair and equitable manner as defined by the Office of State Human Resources Career Banding Salary Administration policy.


It is the policy of East Carolina University to support and sustain a high performance work environment focused on having the right people, doing the right work, at the right time. 


The University's high performance work environment requires compensation levels that:

1.     Are consistent with University priorities

2.     Promote and reward successful work behavior

3.     Recognize job competencies that are linked to organizational goals

4.     Maintain appropriate labor market competitiveness to ensure effective recruitment and retention of a highly competent and diverse work force

5.     Are supportive of individual, family, and community values