Employee Relations

Performance Management

Employees Relations is responsible for administering the Performance Management program for SHRA, CSS, and non-Faculty EHRA employees.

It is the policy of The University of North Carolina (the “University”) to provide an annual performance appraisal system that (1) identifies performance goals necessary to achieve the University’s mission; and (2) evaluates covered employees’ accomplishments toward these goals. Each constituent institution shall implement this University SHRA Performance Appraisal Policy.

It is the policy of ECU Physicians to provide an annual performance appraisal system that (1) identifies performance goals necessary to achieve ECU Physician's mission; and (2) evaluates covered employees' accomplishments toward these goals.

It is the policy of East Carolina University that non-Faculty EHRA employees shall receive an annual written review using an evaluation instrument approved by the appropriate vice chancellor, athletics director, or equivalent officer. The written evaluation will be discussed with the employee before being placed in the personnel file. The employee should sign the evaluation instrument to indicate that the evaluation has been provided and discussed. An employee's signature does not imply agreement with the evaluation.

The Office of State Human Resources and UNC General Administration created a new performance management program to be implemented by all UNC Institutions. ECU will be implementing this new policy on April 1, 2017. This new policy is only applicable to SHRA employees.

ECU's department of human resources has created several training videos of the new policy and how it will affect employees and supervisors. To view these training please click on the Cornerstone links below:

Below are additional resources regarding the SHRA Performance Management Policy.

PeopleAdmin Instructions


In order to facilitate the new SHRA Performance Management Policy, ECU has upgraded our PeopleAdmin system. While many of you may have had experience with PeopleAdmin in the past, this "upgraded" version represents more of a replacement than an upgrade. The new system does not look, feel, or operate like its previous version and its usability is significantly improved.

The performance management module of PeopleAdmin is now active so supervisors can begin inputting their employee's goals. Please be reminded that these goals should be developed and confirmed by the employee no later than May 31, 2017.

How does the new PeopleAdmin work? - Below are tips/resources to help orient you to the new system and process.

  • PeopleAdmin is single sign-on enabled, meaning that you will log in with your PirateID and passphrase as you would any other ECU system. The new system can be accessed here: https://ecu.peopleadmin.com/hr/shibboleth .

  • PeopleAdmin is integrated with Banner, meaning that issues with user accounts, the supervisory structure, and other data is likely not a PeopleAdmin issue, but a Banner issue. The Supervisory Structure Job Aid in #3 provides steps to identify your supervisees.
    • For support related to issues with the supervisory structure or human resources orgs, please submit a Team Dynamix ticket to the "Banner HR - Functional Support' service. It can be found here: https://ecu.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/requests/ServiceDet?ID-16116
      • Please note that when submitting requests related to changes in the supervisory structure, both the BannerID and position number of the employee and supervisor need to be included in the ticket.
    • For support related to all other issues, please submit a TeamDynamix ticket to the 'PeopleAdmin - Performance' service. It can be found here: https://ecu.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/requests/ServiceDet?ID=16028 .
  • Job aids can be accessed below. At this time, job aids 'a' and 'b' are the ones to focus on right now. And, as reviews are due, you will receive email notification from People Admin that you have actions to perform.

PeopleAdmin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions regarding the new system please email performance@ecu.edu