Board of Visitors


Engagement Committee
Chair – Doug Strickland

The Board of Visitors Engagement Committee seeks to "engage" the membership by continuously seeking ways to get them involved. While certainly an honor to be appointed, Board of Visitors membership isn't intended to simply be an honorary role. We want to make a difference. As such, we believe for the member to have a fulfilling experience and be successful in the Board's overall goal of advancing the University, they must be effective. To be effective, they must be active. The Engagement Committee seeks to get them connected so that they can then find those areas to serve that they feel most passionate about. Some specific initiatives include maintaining the future Candidate Watch List and seeking ways to increase the visibility and public awareness of the Board of Visitors.

Fundraising and Development Committee
Co-Chairs – Sabrina Bengel and Brenda Myrick

This committee works diligently to raise the critical funds needed to support the Board of Visitors' Access Scholars Program. This scholarship program supports students with demonstrated financial need and proven academic potential. The BOV currently supports three Access Scholars with the goal of ultimately supporting four scholars. The fundraising and development committee demonstrates the funding needs for the students and encourages BOV members to give generously to this program at each meeting throughout the year.

Legislative Advocacy Committee
Chair – Reid Tyler

The Board of Visitors Legislative Advocacy Committee seeks to support the UNC Board of Governors, the ECU Board of Trustees, and the Office of the Chancellor in promoting the university's budget and policy agenda before the North Carolina General Assembly. The committee members use their personal contacts and connections from around the state to educate elected officials on the many positive contributions ECU makes to the state of North Carolina.