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Updated: 10-30-15                                              
Construction for the next 6 Months  

Contact Project Managers below at 252-328-6858


Main Campus Student Center - (Budget: $122.2 Million)

New Student Center on the East Campus to replace existing Mendenhall Student Center. Project to include 700 space parking deck and a regional Chiller Plant.  Building will be approximately 215,000 sf.


Expected Bid:             November 2015         

Project Manager:       Gina Shoemaker



White Resident Hall Renovations - Phase 3 ( Budget: $10 Million)

Asbestos and PCB abatement in the building and around windows, new doors and hardware throughout, complete bathroom renovation to make hall bathrooms ADA accessible, create guest apartment, move  all floors in the laundry rooms down to 1st floor, create study lounges in existing laundry spaces, enlarge first floor, create new entrance, and replace existing exterior skin of building.

Expected Bid:            November 2015

Project Manager:       Gina Shoemaker


Wright/Ragsdale/Mcginnis Storm Water Modifications(Budget: $ 225,000)

Storm water drainage improvements in the vicinity of Wright Auditorium, Ragsdale, Rawl and McGinnis Auditorium.

Expected Bid:             Winter 2015/2016

Project Manager:       Michael Talton



Aycock Residence Hall Renovations and Accessibility Improvements -( Budget : $2.9 Million)

Renovate basement into student use spaces, and update laundry. 

Convert old office spaces on upper floors to student rooms.  

Increase accessibility to basement area from the outside and create

landscaped exterior social spaces. 

Expected Bid:          January 2016

Project Manager:    Bill Chatfield


Transit Operations Improvements- ( Budget $450,000)

This project will create a new bus wash facility to support cleaning of the Universities Transit System Vehicles.

An existing storage building will be converted and enlarged to become the new wash down facility. 

The building will be extended approximately 25 feet and include two 16' x 14' roll up doors for access. 

The project will include modifications and additions to the existing piping end electrical services. 

Gas heaters and lighting upgrades will be included. Site improvements will include exterior paving and site utilities.


Expected Bid:             November 2015

Projected Manager:    L.L. Everett



Transit CNG and Site Improvements- ( Budget $ 400,000)

The current transit garage is 5,593 Sqft and is used primarily for the maintenance and repair of the Universities Transit System Vehicles but is not equipped to maintain vehicles with (CNG) compressed natural gas. In order to accommodate CNG maintenance current upgrades to the facility would include a sprinkler system, direct connect exhaust system, low intensity gas fired heaters, exhaust fans, a gas detection system, electrical, site utilities and exterior paving.




Expected Bid:          Spring 2016

Project Manager:     L.L. Everett



Erwin/Bloxton Transformer and MDP Replacement (Budget $78,000.00)


This project is identified as the improvement to the electrical service serving the Erwin and Bloxton Buildings. The work will take place in the basement of the Erwin Building and will include the replacement of the MDP and transformer and demolition of the existing MDP and transformer. Power is provided to the Bloxton Building via a disconnect in the Erwin Building basement.


Expected Bid:        Mid-November

Project Manager:   Bill Chatfield