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Updated: 3-23-15

  Construction for the next 6 Months

Contact Project Managers below at 252-328-6858

 Student Services Building (Budget: $34,100,000)

 Student Services Building to serve the students of the Health Science Campus. Will contain Dining,

 Student Health,recreation space to include basketball court,cardio space,and exercise class rooms,

 multipurpose areas and meeting spaces 77,000 sf. 

 Construction to begin approximately June 2015.

 CM at Risk-Rodgers Builders

 Bidders to be prequalified by CM. Pre-qualifications to start April 2015.


Expected Bid:             May 2015           

Project Manager:      Gina Shoemaker



Wright Ragsdale McGinnis Storm Sewer- ( Budget: $290,000)

Investigation and remedial work to solve drainage issues in the area around Wright,Ragsdale, and McGinnis.

Expected Bid:             July 2015

Project Manager:      Michael Talton


School of Dental Medicine 4th Floor Renovation- 

( Budget: $6,000,000)

This project consists of a 33,930 square foot renovation of the previously shelled 

Fourth Floor and minor alterations on the first three floors of the School of Dental

Medicine's Ross Hall, which was newly built in 2012. The Fourth Floor project will

provide research labs,research support spaces,offices and conference rooms. It 

includes laboratory casework, laboratory equipment, interior framing and drywall,

interior aluminum assemblies, various types of flooring and ceiling finishes and millwork.

The existing HVAC system will be modified including air handling unit alterations, 

new exhaust equipment, extension of HVAC piping through the building  from basement

to penthouse and HVAC supply, temperature control,return and exhaust throughout the

Fourth Floor. Electrical, Fire Alarm, Plumbing and Fire Protection services will be altered

and extended to accommodate the program throughout the fourth floor. Experience working

in occupied buildings, particularly clinical settings is very important.

 Expected Bid:           May 2015

 Project Manager:   Robert Brown

Human Resources-Roof Replacement- ( Budget: $ 160,000)

Tear off and replace existing roof.

Expected Bid:         April 2015

Project Manager:   Gerry Gable

Cotanche Data Center UPS Replacement- ( Budget: $100,000)

Removal of existing MGE Uninterruptable Power System( UPS) and replacement with a new owner-provided

Powerware UPS. (Designer will develop a pre-purchase specification for owner procurement of the Powerware UPS.)

Existing battery cabinet and step-down transformer cabinet will remain and be connected to the new UPS. In addition

one existing emergency panel "CP" will be re-circuited to feed from existing distribution panel " CDP2)

Expected Bid:         April 2015

Project Manager:   Gerry Gable