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Updated: 1-13-15

  Construction for the next 6 Months

Contact Project Managers below at 252-328-6858

 Replacement HSC Cooling Towers – Phase 1 (Budget: $1,550,000)

Scope for Phase 1 of this project includes the removal of 4 existing, 850 ton cooling tower cells and installation of 3 new 1500 ton cooling tower cells using same or smaller footprint as existing towers.  Project also includes the installation of a second 2500 kVA, 480 V. electrical transformer and service to a new 4000 amp, 480/277V switchboard MSBB inside existing plant.  Installation is primarily intended for 480 V. system redundancy but is also for additional capacity for pumps & fans for future loads.  New service at switchboard MSBB will connect back to existing service at switchboard MSBA through a tie-breaker.


Expected Bid:         September 2014            

Project Manager:    Robert Still


Dance Studio– Phase 1 (Budget: $3,500,000)

This project will renovate the existing Woodworks Building into a new freestanding approximately 17,000 square-foot dance studio facility to house the ECU Dance Program to meet program accrediation requirements to allow the program to become fully accredited. The building will include three 2,500 square-foot dance studios,faculty and staff offices,shower and dressing rooms,and required equipment storage,data,telecommunications,electrical, and mechanical space. The project,estimated to cost $2,600,000.

Expected Bid:         October/November 2014            

Project Manager:    Robert Brown