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Contracted Services

Contracted services can be paid on a contractual services request form. This form can not be used to pay university or other state agency employees. Payment can not be made until after service has been completed. Payee will receive a 1099 form if payment is $600.00 or more.

Form must include:

  1. Payees name, address, Banner ID number and current employer.
  2. Original signature of payee. Form may be sent to payee in advance for their signature.
  3. Description of services provided and actual date service provided.
  4. Reason for selection of this payee.
  5. Fee and FOAP. Also indicate if travel expenses included in fee.

The completed Contractual service request form (including the proper department and division signatures), should be reviewed by the Human Resources and Materials Management department for adherence to certain guidelines.

Payments to foreign individuals must be coordinated with the Office of International Affairs which is ECU's clearinghouse for all INS matters.

Prior to a unit hiring nonresident aliens, the Office of international Affairs should be contacted as a first step. This office is responsible for providing guidance, information and other materials on immigration and visa issues for INS. Foreign individuals invited to ECU must enter the country with the appropriate visa to ensure that ECU can make all payments for contracted services, lectures and honorarium payments, legally and in timely fashion. The payee must include a (photo) copy of his/her visa to expedite matters.