What is something about ECU you wish everyone could experience?

Being an ECU Ambassador or working with admissions has been a great experience. The passion and excitement you share during a tour or just explaining why a student should come to ECU really helps someone understand the true pride within the Pirate Nation.

You are an ECU Ambassador? Tell me about that.

ECU Ambassadors are the official student representatives of the university.

Being an ambassador is a great way to meet people, get involved, and serve the ECU community.

 We do philanthropic work like Habitat for Humanity, we work at open houses, football games, and we lead tours. 

As an ambassador, you also learn how to channel your Pirate pride into other students as well as alumni. I have truly loved my experience as an ambassador and have discovered passion for the many community service opportunities I have taken part in.

How has ECU changed you as a person?

My experience at ECU has helped me become a well-rounded business professional. My involvement in student clubs has allowed me to meet people and build relationships. Also, just being a Pirate has changed me. I don’t see myself being anything other than a Pirate, and that has shaped me into who I am today.

What made you choose ECU?

Actually, I feel like ECU chose me. As a student from Raleigh, North Carolina,

I have grown up with purple and gold in my heart. My first open house was on a bright, sunny day. I loved ECU's beautiful campus and welcoming atmosphere, and I knew it was the place for me. I really felt at home.

Also, the professors and the renowned College of Business made me want to become a Pirate for life.

What would you tell a prospective student about ECU?

ECU is what you make of it during your time here. Get involved in something you are passionate about and give it your all. Not only will you take on an active role within your university, but this will help you meet like-minded people who will end up becoming your best friends.