Elite Pirates 2012 Chris

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Elite Pirates Feature

Name: Christopher Battle
Age: 20
Grade: Junior
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC
Major: Nursing
Dream job: Working as a flight nurse in the U.S. Air Force doing disaster and combative relief missions
Professor who has influenced you the most: Dr. Elizabeth Jones
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, volunteering, swimming, watching movies, and hanging out with friends
Favorite hangout: My apartment
Favorite place on campus: Destination 360
Role model: My father, Milton Battle

Before becoming an Elite Pirate, Christopher Battle learned about the program from friends who previously participated. He was automatically drawn to the service aspect of the program.

“I knew from my friends that Elite Pirates are able to come together and work on service events for Greenville and the campus community,” Battle said. “I wanted to be involved in that.”

When Battle learned more about the program, he saw what it took to be considered an ideal candidate for the group.

“A lot of students apply, but only a few are picked based upon their academics, campus involvement, and service involvement,” he said. “These requirements are what make the Elite Pirates.”

When he found out he was accepted, Battle was ecstatic.

“ECU has made an impact on me, and being an Elite Pirate is my opportunity to make an impact in the community,” he said.

Like all other Elite Pirates, Battle has demonstrated significant leadership abilities. He is currently the vice president of membership development for ECU Ambassadors.

“This leadership role allows me to go out and seek new members and to find good people to lead the organization when the current leaders leave,” he said. “This position has allowed me to work on my speaking, communication, and listening skills.”

Along with ECU Ambassadors, being involved in ROTC also taught Battle about leadership. This experience allowed him to lead by following, he said.

“With ROTC, I was given a lot of tasks in the background that had to be finished before the big picture could be completed,” he said.

When Battle visited ECU for the first time, he knew it was the place for him. The university’s spirit and welcoming atmosphere caught his attention, as well as the excellent College of Nursing.

Battle, whose dream career is to become a flight nurse in the Air Force, became interested in nursing at a young age. His brother had gotten sick and was in the hospital with a head injury and was about to receive stitches. 

“I was only about 10 years old when my brother was sick, and I remember being amazed at nurse Cooper Jones. My brother was going crazy and no one but nurse Jones could calm him down,” he said. “This was my ‘aha’ moment, and I knew that I wanted to become a nurse.”

Joining the military is also important to Battle because he grew up in the military and said the experience taught him a lot about the real world and how things work.

“Joining the military as a flight nurse, to me, is an obligation of the heart,” said Battle. “ I am ultimately here to serve.”

When Battle graduates, he will miss many aspects of ECU, especially the friends he has made and the school spirit.

“ECU has the best school spirit known to man, and the people here are so welcoming and nice!” he said.