Elite Pirates 2012 Corey

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Elite Pirates Feature

Name: Corey Boles
Age: 21
Grade: Senior
Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC
Major: Biology, with a business minor
Dream job: Medical doctor specializing in infectious disease
Professor who has influenced you the most: Dr. Gee
Favorite movie: Tron Legacy
One thing you cannot live without: Family and friends
Favorite place to eat: Lemongrass
Favorite quote: "Who is wise? He that learns from everyone. Who is powerful? He that governs his passions. Who is rich? He that is content. Who is that? Nobody." -Benjamin Franklin

Corey Boles' leadership journey began when he became part of the Rising Leaders' Circle, an organization for freshmen and sophomores who are interested in becoming better leaders and joining Omicron Delta Kappa, a national leadership honor society. He then joined ODK and served as an officer. Last year, he was in charge of selection and running the ODK's biggest event. This year, Boles serves as the vice president of honorary relations for the organization. He is also a supplemental instructor for the Biology Department and tutors with Project HEART.

Boles has learned much from his leadership experiences.

"My experiences have taught me about responsibility and time management," he said. "I have also learned about networking and organization."

When he found out he was chosen for the Elite Pirates, Boles was very excited to be a role model for other students.

"Being an Elite Pirate means that you serve as an example to freshmen and prospective students," he said. "I also see this as an opportunity to become a better leader because there is always room for growth, no matter where you are in life."

Boles said when he was deciding which college to attend, the pros for ECU far outweighed the other schools.

"All of the people I talked to here were so friendly, and I could see that ECU had a lot to offer me," he said. "Especially with the medical school right here and wanting to go into biology, do research, and become a doctor."

Boles has always known that he wanted to become a doctor. He loves science and helping people, and coming to ECU has also affirmed his love for research.

"As soon as I came to ECU, I became involved in research and fell in love with it," he said. "I hope to end up somewhere where I can work as a doctor and a researcher so I can apply my full potential to helping people."

When asked what makes him proud to be a Pirate, Boles said that a lot of it goes back to leadership and the university's stance in preparing all of its students to become great leaders.

"ECU really promotes leadership, and the university has laid out a number of different experiences for people in various walks of life to grow as leaders," he said. "The fact that the university puts that much effort into making each student an all-around better person makes me so proud. There is nothing better than that."

Along with the leadership skills he has gained while at ECU, Boles also treasures the people he has met and the friendships he has made.

"I am a big people person, so it's the people I meet along the way that I value most," he said. "Achieving the goal at the end of the journey is important, but you can never replace the experiences you have and the friends you will meet because they are ultimately the ones who are there for you in the end."