Elite Pirates 2012 DaJuan

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Elite Pirates Feature

Name: DaJuan Lucas
Age: 22
Grade: Senior
Hometown: Wilson, NC
Major: Business management, with a minor in communication
Hobbies/Interests: Listening to music, reading, researching history, hanging out with friends, working out, and playing sports
Favorite place on campus: Mendenhall
Favorite place to eat: Olive Garden
Dream job: CEO of a Fortune 500 company
One thing you cannot live without: My music
Favorite quote: All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.

Joining Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. the fall of 2010 jumpstarted DaJuan Lucas’ leadership experience. That first year he was instrumental in organizing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. week. Lucas planned the various activities and programs and collaborated with the Volunteer Service-Learning Center to organize volunteers. He was then elected president of his fraternity from 2011-2012. After that, he became the national Pan-Hellenic Council president. Lucas was also appointed Student Body Chief of Staff for the Student Government Association.

According to Lucas, he has learned many vital lessons from his various leadership roles.

“I’ve learned that when working with different people, you really have to figure out what makes everybody tick. You need to discover what will help people work together as a unit to create that finished product,” he said.

Lucas added that being in leadership roles also gives him the opportunity to see ideas comes to fruition, which is something he really enjoys.

“When working with a new project or program, I like to think about what is possible and seeing if we can do it,” he said. “Going from just an idea to actually witnessing that idea working and being successful is very rewarding.”

Lucas said that to him being an Elite Pirate really embodies what it means to have these leadership roles on campus. He became interested in becoming a part of the program because of one of his older fraternity brothers, his role model, who was also an Elite Pirate.

“I interviewed, and I when I got the e-mail that told me I was accepted, I was ecstatic,” he said.

When Lucas graduates in May, he intends to return to ECU to earn his MBA. His career goals include working either in the healthcare or finance field as a consultant. He also wants to give back to the community by opening a school of the arts.

“I want to give inner city kids the opportunity to get the skills they need for acting, the arts, and music. I know so many people who are interested in the arts, but don’t know the proper methods,” he said. “I want these less privileged children to have the option to learn about the arts.”

Lucas, who actually transferred from another university, said that he loves the diversity of ECU.

“In my high school, I had a diverse group of friends African Americans, Caucasian, Hispanic. The first university I attended just did not give me that option to be around diversity, and I felt isolated,” he said. “We have diversity here at ECT and without it, you aren’t able to see people from different backgrounds and the melting pot that is America.”

Lucas added that along with the diversity, he loves the pride associated with being a Pirate.

“Everyone loves Purple and Gold and just being a Pirate,” he said. “We can just come together and unite with our love and pride for our university.”