Elite Pirates 2012 Jennifer

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Elite Pirates Feature

Name: Jennifer Warren
Age: 21
Grade: Senior
Hometown: Goldsboro, NC
Major: Exercise Physiology
Dream job: Physical therapist for a professional football team
Favorite place on campus: Laupus Library
Favorite place to eat: Japan Inn
Favorite band/musician: Mumford and Sons
Hobbies/Interests: Playing volleyball, sailing, and any water sports
One thing cannot live without: Coffee

Jennifer Warren has already shown that she has what it takes to be an effective leader. Warren was a general member of ECU Ambassadors for a year and served on their executive board for two years as the vice president of administration. She was also the co-chair for corporate sponsorship for ECUâ€,s Relay for Life.

"Working with Relay for Life really put me in communication within the community because I would go from store to store all over Greenville and ask businesses for donations," she said.

Warren has also gained leadership experience through working at Camp Don Lee in Arapahoe, North Carolina for the last five summers. She is a sailing instructor and this past year she facilitated the leader in training program, where she trained 16-to-18 year olds on the staff and taught them about what it takes to be a good leader.

"Leading the training was a truly awesome experience," she said. "You donâ€,t truly understand anything until you are at the point where you can teach it to someone."

By becoming a member of Elite Pirates, Warren is looking forward to learning even more valuable leadership skills.

"Having the honor of being chosen as an Elite Pirate definitely means that I've gotten the full ECU experience," said Warren. "It's so awesome to have this opportunity."

Warren's plan after earning her undergraduate degree is to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy. She said that once she made this career decision, she knew ECU was the right fit for her. Since being at ECU, Warren has had many invaluable experiences specific to her career goals.

"I have shadowed for years now in the physical therapy department, and I really don't think I would have had that opportunity anywhere else," said Warren. "I have learned so much about anatomy, how movement can help ailments, and just health in general."

Warren's love of ECU is evident in her answer of what makes her proud to be a Pirate, which was "Everything!"

She sums her feelings up by saying, "Whatever career you are interested in, who would find that at ECU, along with the specific experience you need. You can get a degree from any institution, but not everyone can give you the leadership and field experience that ECU can."