Office of Engagement, Innovation and
Economic Development

Our Priorities > Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Priority 1: Build a campus-wide and regional culture of innovation
and entrepreneurship

Our goals for Priority 1:

  • Construct a comprehensive, integrated enterprise to stimulate entrepreneurship, enhance knowledge transfer, and increase new product development and commercialization throughout the region.
  • Coordinate seamless pathways for industry/university collaborations and sponsored research.
  • The Office of Technology Transfer will explore new models for translational research and innovation commercialization.
  • Expand the capacity of the Entrepreneurial Initiative via hiring of support staff, recruitment of students from all colleges, continuation of the Innov8r series, and support of innovation extension activities.
  • Co-lead development and implementation of campus-wide entrepreneurship strategy including establishment of the planned Entrepreneurial Advisory Council.
  • Establish and brand an ECU Innovation Extension Service to institutionalize the provision of industrial design, engineering and other product development assistance on both on-campus and private sector entrepreneurs.