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Economic Development

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Priority 5: Create vibrant and livable communities

Our goals for Priority 5:

  • Establish R&GS/OEIED Faculty Fellowships to support long-term engagement of faculty and graduate students in addressing important community and economic development issues.
  • Position OEIED's Center for Survey Research as a value-adding resource supporting community outreach, formation of public policy, the growth of ECU's clinical trial activities, and the needs of the Business Community.
  • Develop targeted initiatives with local, state, and federal agencies to foster broad based, comprehensive community and economic development activities in rural and underserved areas, specifically, recognizing the unique differences and challenges of our state's economic and geographical regions.
  • When called upon, OEIED and its partners will facilitate inclusive discussion on important community issues.
  • Expand OEIED staff and alliances with campus-based centers and institutes to provide public administration support and technical assistance to low-wealth and limited capacity communities.