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Post Date: August 30, 2016:

Game Day Parking

Football Closed Lots 2016

During all home football games, the Resident Remote lot on Curry Court and the lots around Carol Belk-Health and Human Performance will be closed and designated for the NON-STUDENT Pirate Club. To accommodate the lot's D permit holders, Parking and Transportation will allow these D permit holders to park in other lots/zones. ALL cars may begin relocating starting at 12pm on Friday, September 2, 2016. All cars must be out of the Curry Court and Stratford Arms lots by 5pm Friday, September 2, 2016. All cars must be out of these lots by the appropriate time stated above for each lot, or they will be relocated by a towing establishment. D permits may park in any A or B zone on main campus. Exceptions are indicated in red on the map above - these areas will be reserved for ADA (handicapped) accommodation and the STUDENT Pirate Club during the game.

If you are a member of the STUDENT Pirate Club and have a D permit, you still have to move your car out of the Curry Court lot since that lot is reserved for the Non-Student Pirate Club. You will relocate your car to the Student Pirate Club lot at the bottom of College Hill that is indicated in the appropriate red area on the map above. There is a separate Student Pirate Club permit that is required to be displayed in order to park in the reserved Student Pirate Club lot on the bottom of College Hill. This permit is NOT given to Student Pirate Club members by our office. These permits must be obtained from the Athletics Department and are subject to sell out prior to the game. The Student Pirate Club's number is 737-4540.

As always, students also cannot park in any other reserved, ADA spaces (handicapped spaces) unless authorized by our office, maintenance/service areas, and no parking zones or fire zones.

All faculty/staff and students must return to their respective zones by 7am Tuesday, September 6, 2016.



During home football games, there's a few things ECU Parking & Transportation would like to remind all College Hill Residents and/or their visitors in regards to parking before Kickoff. Kickoff is at 6pm so at 3pm on Saturday, September 3, 2016 expect to see the following to happen:

  • The Greenville Police Department will block the road between Charles Boulevard and Elm Street (14th Street) to all traffic as well as the entrance to College Hill Drive from 10th Street. This means that the portion of 14th Street from Charles Blvd to Elm Street and both the entrances and exits to the College Hill area will be inaccessible to ANY incoming traffic. Cars will be allowed to exit the area, but they will NOT be allowed to get back in - even if they have a permit!!!
  • Due to space availability, no visitor permits will be sold for the A2 College Hill area. Visitors may park free of charge in the B2 zones on Reade Street.
  • Visitors may also park free of charge in the Five Points Public Parking lot at the corner of 5th Street and Evans Street in Uptown Greenville. A shuttle will operate from this lot to the stadium beginning 3 hours before game time until 2 hours after the game. More information on public parking can be found on the Greenville Uptown website: http://uptowngreenville.com/play/gamedayshuttle
  • Visitors may also park in the following areas that are first come first serve and paid for when you arrive: the parking lot for the Swashbuckler car wash on 14th Street (closest to Charles Boulevard) and the Handicapped/ADA ONLY A1 parking lot in front of Christenbury Gym on 10th Street (closest to College Hill). The ADA individuals that park in the designated ADA lot in front of Christenbury will be provided a shuttle to and from the lot to Gate 9 at the stadium.
  • Other surrounding areas that visitors can pay to park that are not on ECU property or provided for by the City of Greenville are the Kmart parking lot off Greenville Boulevard, several churches around 14th Street and off Charles Boulevard, and the grassy area off Charles Bouleveard that is adjacent to the Mellow Mushroom Restaurant (in front of the Greenville Mall).
  • If you have further questions regarding parking during the game, please call the Athletic department at 252-737-4570 or visit their website: http://www.ecupirates.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/football-parking-10.html for more information.


The B1 lot at the bottom of College Hill is designated for the Student Pirate Club. If you are a STUDENT Pirate Club member, then you must obtain a STUDENT Pirate Club permit from the Pirate Club office and have it properly displayed on your car in order park in the B1 lot at the bottom of College Hill on Saturday, September 3, 2016. Pirate Club members can contact the Pirate Club at 737-4540 to obtain permits. *Please note that these permits are subject to sell out prior to the game.


Attention: Towing Relocations

Any vehicles that are not moved prior to the game will be towed to an alternative location. Any cars left in the Curry Court lot will be moved to the lots behind the Motor Pool Vehicle Lot. Any cars left in the Minges lots around the Stadium area will be moved to the lots beside and across from the Swashbuckler Car Wash on 14th Street. Please reference the maps below. If you have any further questions about the game day towing relocations, please call the ECU Police Department at 328-6787.

Towing Relocation for Game Day 2016

Post Date: August 19, 2016:


***Parking Adjustments for the Carolina Kickoff Concert Event Being Held on Saturday, August 20, 2016

The orange or red lots on the map (see below for a link to the map) - beginning tonight Friday, August 19, 2016 the parking lots will be closed to ECU permit parking. Vehicles will need to be moved prior to Midnight (12am) tonight. Any vehicles currently in these lots will need to be moved out of those parking lots. You can park your vehicle in the areas on the map colored blue (B1 lots) or purple (A1 lots) starting at 5pm today (Friday, August 19th). You will need to move your vehicles back to your respective parking lots by 6:30am Monday August 22, 2016.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time.


Post Date: August 4, 2016:



On November 20, 2015, the ECU Board of Trustees approved a 10% increase in university parking permit fees beginning July 1, 2016. This is the first increase in parking fees since 2011. Fees increased $36/year ($1.50/pay period) for A permits and $18/year ($0.75/pay period) for B permit holders. For C and D permits, the fee increase is $12/year and $24/year, respectively. Parking and Transportation Services maintained parking fees at the same rate for the past five years in an effort to help support our customers during the recent economic crisis and recovery. This user fee increase is necessary to meet the parking demands outlined in the university's master plan and support the institution's mission.

Through the master plan process, it was decided that future expansion would include safer pedestrian/bike pathways and increased density on the core campus to support expanded student services and academic functions. Expansion of parking will involve a mix of increased remote surface parking and parking decks on the core campus. To provide added safety for evening events at the new Student Center, we decided it was necessary to provide a parking deck in the design. The 700 spaces in the deck will also help offset the loss of core campus (convenient) parking due to the student center construction and the pedestrian enhancements.

With the Student Center deck construction beginning soon and two additional decks planned for the near future, we must prepare for the increased construction, maintenance and operating costs posed by these decks. Deck construction costs are approximately five (5) times the cost of a surface space lot. The majority of our parking revenue is derived from permit fees so cost increases require fee increases to insure the program's financial viability. In addition, the recent loss of over 450 core campus spaces, our most profitable spaces, due to construction caused a significant loss of parking revenue. Parking receives no state funding and must be self-supporting to meet state requirements.

Parking has worked over the last several years to decrease costs through reorganization and increased efficiency, while also increasing revenue from other sources like visitors and events. Our visitor and event revenue has doubled and we will continue to increase other revenue streams and efficiency. Unfortunately, permit fees will continue to drive the revenue side of our financial plan just as they do for other college and university parking operations. To address increased complaints last year from permit holders about illegal parking and anticipate additional violations with the loss of 450 core campus spaces, three additional parking control officers were hired last year, resulting in a 100% increase in citations.

The proposed 10% increase (effective July 1, 2016) is necessary to provide the revenue to support the construction, maintenance and operation of the Student Center parking deck, the Student Services parking deck and the Biotechnology Building deck. In addition, we must maintain adequate capital and operating reserves of at least $3 million dollars to provide a sustainable financial plan for parking. Student fees associated with the Student Center are helping to pay for part of the parking deck and the loss of surface parking spaces due to construction. Students will pay an additional permit fee, though partially offset by their student fee contribution, to park in the deck. Faculty and staff will have top priority for a 24/7 deck permit, much like a reserve space, but will pay the highest fee for this access. The cost per space to break even on the deck is more than $1500/space/year, but that price is not within the market rate for our campus so we are considering about $700/year for this 24/7 access permit. This pricing structure requires more campus review so we do not intend to propose a fee to the Board until later this year at the earliest since the deck will not open until FY18/19. The bottom line is that everyone is contributing and we will work to make the fees as fair as possible.

Some UNC parking permit fee comparisons are listed below. Click on the name of the University to go to that webpage.

Debra Jo Garfi, CAPP
Director of Parking and Transportation
East Carolina University