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Post Date: January 25, 2013:


Exciting news! The 14th Street Lot Renvovation is complete! This brand new A2 lot was re-opened when the Spring 2013 semester began, and is now officially available for all A2 permit holders to move on in! **Please note that since this brand new lot is open, all A2 permit holders are no longer permitted to park in the B1 lot at the bottom of College Hill.

Parking & Transportation Services hopes that you are as happy with your brand new A2 lot as much as we are! We are also pleased to announce that we have entered it into a design contest and will keep everyone informed on how it does!

For those on the A2 waitlist: When we began the 14th Street project, our office anticipated the additional spaces that the new lot would allow. So, we sold the max capacity of A2's at the beginning of the project just as if the lot were already opened. We did this because we were allowing the additional A2's to park in the B1 lot at the Bottom of College Hill during the 14th Street Renovation, knowing they would eventually move up to the new A2 lot. During the winter break, however, some individuals returned their A2 permits. So if we were to open A2 sales up, it would be due to the returning of prior A2 permits rather than the opening of the the new lot since we had already pre-planned for this event. Considering the A2's that were returned, we are currently gathering space count data to monitor the usage of the new lot, and then a determination will be made if we can offer any more A2's to those on the waitlist. If we can, then those individuals that are next on the waitlist will receive an email.