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Post Date: July 1, 2013: *UPDATED: August 5, 2013

Attention: Master Plan Initiatives Now Under Way

East Carolina University’s Master Plan was updated in February 2012. The entire planning process lasted nearly two years and involved input from the entire campus community. There were some very clear themes that evolved through the various committee meetings, focus group sessions, forums and surveys conducted. One predominant theme involved “pedestrian-vehicular conflicts” and the need for improved bicycle and pedestrian pathways. Some of the more significant conflicts recognized on the core campus are located near the Bate and Graham Buildings as well as east from Wright Plaza to the west and north side of Austin. The major pedestrian way for campus between Rawl and Austin is especially vulnerable for these conflicts. Since this pathway passes through the center of the entrance to the parking lot between Rawl and Austin, it was concluded that the only feasible way to ensure the safety of our pedestrians at that area was to eliminate the parking lot altogether. The ultimate goal is to eliminate all of these conflicts on the core campus in order to create a safer and more contiguous pathway for our pedestrians from Old Cafeteria to the Croatan.

With limited funding available and to reduce campus disruption, the plan is to complete improvements to a few “pedestrian conflicts” each year for several years. Such improvements along the pedestrian pathways will include bicycle paths and improved lighting. Two initiatives are already under way. On Monday July 15, 2013, the lot between Austin and Rawl which is designated as EC-9 on the map below closed and will remain closed to all traffic. A1 zone permits will be able to park in any of the other A1 zones on main campus. A larger map of campus with all the A1 zones highlighted in purple can be found by clicking on the following link: Parking Map. Another initiative taking place, a segment of Founders Drive (Duncan Court to Wright Circle) and Alumni Lane (front of Flanagan and Student Health) will be converted to a pedestrian/bicycle friendly pathway to improve safety. Once complete this project will eliminate the ability to drive vehicles through campus on Founders Drive between Duncan Court and Wright Circle, with the exception of emergency/service vehicles. ADA/Handicap spaces located within this closed area will be relocated. The Flanagan-Slay parking lot will remain open. We are confident that these permanent changes will prove to be a safer, more efficient means toward ECU’s overall goal for a more pedestrian friendly campus.

We apologize for this disruption and added inconvenience, but the University determined through the master plan process that this change was necessary to improve safety on campus.

If you would like to learn more about other innovations included in Parking and Transportation’s concurrent Master Plan, then you can click on the “Transit, Parking, and Pedestrian” link on the ECU Master Plan’s website: www.ecu.edu/masterplan.

Parking and Transportation Services would like to thank all who contributed to the development process of our concurrent Master Plan, and we will continue to keep the ECU community informed of upcoming changes to the University’s parking infrastructure as they progress.

EC-9, Alumni-Lane & Founders Drive Closings


Post Date: July 29, 2013:

ECU Parking & Transportation would like to remind commuter students (C2 permit holders) that during the break between summer classes and fall classes, ECU Transit will operate on a modified schedule. Until August 11th unless otherwise noted, C2 permit holders will be allowed to park in the B1 faculty/staff zones when ECU transit does not operate. All other permit holders must still park in their respective zones, and A1 zones will be strictly enforced. Please visit the ECU Transit link under the menu on the right for updated route information during breaks.