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Welcome to the PORT home page.  PORT (Purchase Order and Requisition Tracking) is the purchasing system for East Carolina University.  Users access PORT for creating, tracking, and/or approving requisitions. The ECU PORT system makes the process of purchasing quick and convenient through its browser-based screens. Online catalog shopping, placing requisition requests, purchase order tracking, order history, and other features help departments keep track of their spending.  Online approvals and electronic distribution of purchase orders to vendors reduces processing time, and paperwork, and provides a cost savings to the University.  Questions about PORT may be directed to the Materials Management PORT trainers:


Chuck Boulineau

Chance Kornegay

Tech Support Analyst

Tech Support Technician





Purchase Order & Requisition Tracking (PORT)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following task are required to access PORT for creating, tracking, and/ or approving requisitions at East Carolina University:

  1. Attend PORT Purchasing Training - for PORT Requisitioner role
  2. Attend PORT Approval Training - for PORT Division Approver role
  3. Complete the Banner Finance Security Form in OneStop - select one of the appropriate roles below for the Purchasing & Procurement section:
    • PORT Requisitioner - creates & tracks Requisitions
    • PORT Division Approver - approves requisition at the Department / Division level - can also create requisition

PORT Training Manual

PORT Training
To register for training, sign into Cornerstone  -> Learning -> Events Calendar -> search calendar for PORT Purchasing and Approval Training.