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The Following are links to aid with the Banner Financial Project:

Banner Finance Organization Hierarchy Report
To view the current Organization Hierarchy Report, log onto e~Print and view the FGRORGH daily report.
Banner Finance Forms
Banner Rule Codes
Rule Codes
ADEI Additional charges on Invoice
B22 Temporary budget transfer
BD01 Original budget
BD02 Permanent Budget Adjustment
BD03 Temporary Adopted Budget
BD04 Temporary Budget Adjustment
CNNC Canceled check, credit memo without encumbrance
CNNI Canceled check, invoice without encumbrance
CORD PO change Order
CR05 Carried over from FRS
D44 Disbursement adjustment
DDSI Check, Invoice Discount
DNEI Check with encumbrance
DNNC Check, Credit Memo, No Encumbrance
DNNI Check without encumbrance
ICEI Cancel Invoice with encumbrance
ICNI Cancel Invoice without encumbrance
INNC Invoice-credit memo without encumbrance
INNI Invoice-without encumbrance
INEI Invoice-with encumbrance or liquidate Encumbrance
J63 ID Charge/Journal Entry
POBC PO Final Liquidation
POCL Purchase Order Close
PORD Established purchase order
R34 Receipt adjustments
R30 Cash Receipts
XYZ Miscellaneous Cash Receipts