Welcome to Financial Services at East Carolina University
Banner Survival Tips

Financial Services


Tip I: Banner Finance Security Form

Getting started in Banner Finance requires security access. Submit a Banner Finance Security Form located on Pirate Port. Go to the security website for detailed instructions. Password resets are submitted to ECU ITCS service request ticket.

Tip II: SSB ~ Self Service Banner

SSB is the basic version of Banner for general users. It is best designed for state budgets because it displays the budget by the fiscal year. To login Self Service Banner, go to Pirate Port.

Tip III: INB ~ Internet Native Banner

Internet Native Banner is the more complex version of Banner and is used for all fund types. Login INB at this link.

Tip IV: Banner ePrint

ePrint is a reporting application that has a variety of Banner reports, such as budgets, transaction details, encumbrances, etc.  ePrint Login.  The following financial ePrint reports are most common and very helpful:

     FYMG007 Monthly Departmental Review

     FGRBDSC Operating Ledger Balances

     FGRODTA Detailed Transactions for Operating

     FRRGITD Grant Funds Inception to Date for Grant

     FYMR202 Grant Funds Monthly Indirect Cost

     FGRGLTA Detailed Transactions for General Ledger

     FYDA240 Invoices Not Yet Received in PORT

     FYDG138 List of Open Encumbrances (Purchase Orders)

Tip V: ODS ~ Quick Queries and Operational Data Storage

The Quick Queries are located on the Systems Coordination website and have been created for users to retrieve financial information.  More information is available on the ODS website.

Tip VI: Grants & Contracts

ecuBIC is a helpful tool to view grant information.  Click link to go to ecuBIC.