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Banner Survival Tips

Financial Services


Below are a few helpful hints to help you along the way for Banner….


Tip I: Banner Finance Security Form


If the email portion of your Banner Finance Security Form is incorrect because it still includes the word “mail”, please do not be concerned.  This will not affect the accuracy of your Form.


If you have already submitted your Banner Security Form, you do not have to go back in and select the Pro Card option.  You will receive access to your Pro Card if you have already signed up for General Ledger Security.   


Tip II: Self Service Banner


The current process to gain access to SSB through OneStop are as follows:

1.      Submit a Banner Security Form.

2.      Once the form is approved by all DSC’s and MSC’s you will be assigned a “B id” and PIN.

3.      Once you have been assigned your “B id” and PIN in Banner, a link within OneStop will be displayed for Self Service Banner.

4.      The link name is “SCT BANNER SELF SERVICE” under the “SCT BANNER” heading in the OneStop.

5.      When you click the link, a new window will open and you will be at the SSB Main Menu.


§         New ECU Web Query:  When logging onto Self Service Banner, instead of using the query entitled Budget Status by Account, you can use the ECU Web Query.  The new ECU Web Query was designed specifically for ECU.  This Query will allow you to see your budget balance available per budget pool.  Unlike budget Status by Account, the ECU Web Query shows budget balance available as negative.     


§         When entering Budget Transfers in SSB, be sure to click the “Refresh” web browser button when finished.   This will ensure that subsequent queries will pull in the most up-to-date information.


§         If you can't access PORT or Self Service Banner you may have add-on toolbars from Google, Yahoo, Stars, etc., that may be blocking PORT or Self Service Banner.  Go to your add-on toolbars and disable the pop-up blocker.  If you need additional help disabling the pop-up blocker, you can contact the help desk.


*If you are still having problems with pop up blockers, change the following Internet Explorer browser setting:


                       Internet Explorer


                       Internet Options

                       Security tab

                       Click on Internet icon

                       Custom Level or Downloads

                       Look for:  “Automatic prompting for file downloads”

                       Click on Enable

  • If you do not see your budget transfer reflected in the balances, please try the following:

1) Make sure that you have refreshed your web browser.

2) Make sure that you selected period 12 in your query

3) Try viewing the document number through the View Document option on the Finance menu





Tip III: E~Print


  • Access e~Print the same way you do now except if you’re accessing one of the Banner Repositories, you have to use your Banner password.


            E~Print PROD

Use your Exchange userid

Use your Banner password for PROD Instance.

Select Repository = Banner Finance

  • When you are ready to print the reports in Banner, click on view, text size, smallest.  Be sure to change the layout to landscape.  That way you can get the whole report on one page
  • Please use Rule Code J63 for all non-budget data-entry unless you have spoken with an accountant and have an entry that needs to appear on the ECU bank statement.


  • E~Print reports are as follows:


FGRACCI - Listing of Index values with descriptions

FGRACTH - Listing of Account values with descriptions and a nice display of hierarchical values

FGRACTV - Listing of Activity values with descriptions

FGRFNDH - Listing of Fund values with descriptions and a nice display of hierarchical values

FGRORGH - Listing of Organization values with descriptions and a nice display of hierarchical values

FGRPRGH - Listing of Program values with descriptions and a nice display of hierarchical values


 Monthly Budget Reports:


FGRBDSC - Provides the balances for Operating Ledger, like the first part of the FRS Monthly Budget Report (FBM090)

FGRODTA - Transaction listing for Operating Ledger, like the second part of the FRS Monthly Budget Report (FBM091)

FRRGITD - Grant Inception to Date report for those users with Grant Funds

FGRBLSH - Ran daily to provide general ledger balances.  Similar in format to FGRBDSC but for General Ledger.


Note:  If you want to access the old repositories (Legacy system) you’ll still need to utilize your old password for those.


Tip IV: New Forms on Web


  • The new Banner forms are now on the Web.  Please discontinue the use of all of your FRS forms and use the new Banner forms.  Some of the new Banner forms are as follows: 

• Banner Direct Payment Form  

• Banner Disbursement Adjustment Form  

• Banner Interdepartmental Transfer Form 

• Banner Journal Entry Form  

• Banner Receipt Adjustment Form  

• Banner Travel Authorization/Reimbursement for Travel Form  

• Banner Travel Advance Request Form


  • Travel Advances – When completing your travel advances, please provide the department name, building, and room number for the traveler in Part A.


  • If Excel is giving you an error that your security is too high for the direct payment form or any other finance form, you will have to open a blank worksheet in excel and do the follow….


1)       On the tool bar in excel select Tools

2)       Select Macro, then select Security

3)  Their security level will have to be set on Medium for them to be able to use the form, and then they will select “ok”


In a blank workbook in excel,

1)       On the tool bar in excel select Tools

2)       Select Add Ins

3)       They want the first two boxes to be selected, and select ok.


Listed blow are the most frequently used screens in Internet Native Banner:


FGIBDST similar to screen 19 in the old FRS System                     

FGIENCD similar to screen 27 in the old FRS System                     

FGIOENC similar to screen 20/21 in the old FRS System                     

FGITRND similar to screen 39  (for FOAP) in the old FRS System                     

FGIGLAC similar to screen 39 (for FA) in the old FRS System                     

FGITBAL  similar to screen 18 in the old FRS System                     

FTMFUND similar to screen 2 in the old FRS System                     

FTMORGN similar to screen 6 in the old FRS System                     

FGIDOCR  similar to screen 26 in the old FRS System     



  • Banner stops processing sleep/wake for FGRACTG each evening at 7:00pm
  • Banner typically process FGRACTG as part of the nightly finance chain on the schedule listed below:

            Runs after AP_PATIENT_REFUND_LOAD @ 7:30pm

            Runs after AP_PAYROLL_LOAD @ 7:30pm

            Runs after AP_IMPREST_LOAD @ 7:30pm

            Runs after AP_AUTOPAY_LOAD @ 7:30pm

            Runs after AP_PARENT_LOANS_LOAD @ 7:30pm

            Runs after DAILY_FTP_LOAD @ 9:50pm

            (IDX, CLM, SOLOMON loads)

            Runs after DAILY_FRS_LOAD @ 10:00pm

            (FRS Legacy system load) then Nightly Finance  

            @10:30pm (consist of ODS Refresh runs and nightly SAS 



  • Banner processes  sleep/wake for FGRACTG the next morning at  6:00am


Tip V: OneStop


  • If you would like to find your new Banner ID number in OneStop, you can log into Onestop and select the tools tab.  Once you select the tools tab, select profile.  This will give you your new Banner Number.


  • New Vendor Web Query:  Since PORT does not display the vendor B id (Banner ID Number) that is required for all payments, a new web- based query has been developed for the campus community. To get the appropriate B id for a particular vendor, sign on to ECU OneStop and click on the “Vendor Search” option under the “Job Related Tools” section.


  • Tips for using the Vendor Search form in OneStop:
  1. Search criteria is case-sensitive – note that vendor / last name, address, and city are proper case in Banner (i.e. Staples, Apple Computer, Greenville, etc.) and abbreviations for vendors and states will remain all caps (i.e. IBM, CDW, NC, VA, etc.).  
  2. You must enter at least 2 characters in the last name field.  The last name field is equivalent to the Vendor Name.
  3. The “%” is a wild card character that can be used to find vendors.
  4. You can search for vendors by last name and any combination of address, city, state, and zip.


Tip VI: Internet Native Banner


  • INB users can use the form GUAPSWD to change their password.


  • INB users can use form GUAUPRF  to  make short names appear on menu (click on “display in both”, then click “apply”)


  • To get a hash total of transactions that have been keyed in INB, go to “Options” then FGIJSUM.


  • If you open an E-mail link and it causes Banner to disconnect please follow these steps: (This problem applies only to Internet Explorer users.)

Open Internet Explorer

1.      Tools > Internet Options > Advanced

2.      Uncheck the "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts" option

3.      Click Apply, then OK

  • For users that enter transactions, please remember it is very important NOT to backdate transactions in Banner. Please use the Banner default date (equivalent to the current date) when entering transactions.


  •   Last Record: An alternative solution

If you want to examine the last record in any form where the term 'last' means the highest value in one of the fields you can, after pressing F7, enter :a in the field you are interested in, then when you press F8 you will get a pop-up window where you can type 'order by :a desc' (without the quotes) and the first record becomes the last with all the others below it in descending order. If you want to order by other fields as well use :b, :c and so on and include those in the order by clause. 

On many query forms there is a choice under the Options menu 'Query total for all records'. By choosing this, you will be taken to the last record in the result set.

F4 works on FGIGLAC as described in the Auto-hint line (key Dup Record for full total).

Tip VII: Grants Information


Any Banner Finance user that needs to access Research Accounting reports or INB Research Accounting Module screens must be signed up for a Research Accounting role on the ECU Finance Security Access Form.  There are two options available for the campus community.  RA Department Administrator is for the department support staff that need to assist with the management of project funds.  RA Primary Investigator is for faculty/staff that are the recipient of project funds and are the agency specified project director.



Self-Service Banner (SSB)

  • When entering a budget query you only need to specify chart E and the Grant number or chart E and the Grant and Fund numbers on the parameter entry screen.  Entering the Grant Number will give you Inception to Date results for that entire grant, including prior fiscal years.  You can also specify a subsection of a grant that has multiple funds by entering the Fund number as well.
  • Inputting the Chart, Fund, Organization, and Program on a budget query will only give you results for the specified fiscal year and periods you select for just that one grant fund.



Banner Finance e-print

  • FRRGITD: F=Finance, R=Research Acctg, R=Report, GITD=Grant Inception to Date

·        This report will give you grant and grant fund balances in a format very similar to the FRS FBM090 monthly reports.

·        Your total BBA is calculated by adding the grant or fund summaries under Available Balance column for Labor and Direct Expenditures and subtracting the Available Balance for Account 73764-Indirect Cost.

·        FRRGBFY: F=Finance, R=Research Acctg, R=Report, GBFY=Grant Balance Fiscal Year

  • This report will give you grant and grant fund balances for the fiscal year the report is run against.

·        You can drill into these reports and use the magnifying glass to get results based on Grant Number or by the Primary Investigator.  Select the desired page key and use a % sign for wildcards.  Input grant number as ex: 210001% or input PI name as ex: %LastName%.

·        FGRODTA: F=Fin, G=General Ledger, R=Rpt, ODTA= Organization Detail Activity

·        This report will give you transaction activity similar to the FRS FMB091 monthly report.  Pull the Organization for your grants by inputting Organization followed by a % sign.


  • FYMR202: F=Fin, Y=Sys Coordination, M=Monthly, R=Res Acctg, 202 = Report of Indirect Cost Distribution

·        Parts 2 and 3 are the Main Campus and Health Sciences Distribution of Indirect Cost Sections.  Look for the section for your departments Special Fund overhead fund to find the distributions allocated to you for the month by PI and grant.


·        FYWR203: F=Fin, Y=Sys Coordination, W=Weekly, R=Res Acctg, 203 = Report of Negative Budgets in Account Pools

·        Look for your Organization for a list of grant funds with negative account pool budgets that should be reviewed for correction.


Operational Data Store (ODS) Quick Queries

  • Visit the Systems Coordination website for all of the User Quick Query tools developed from the ODS, which is the Banner version of the FRS Data Warehouse.
  • Use Banner Cash/Activity Transactions or Banner All Transactions to generate a listing of transactions by Grant Fund FOP for a specified date range.
  • Use Banner Grant Fund Lookup by Orgn to generate a list of selected information for all grants in Banner for a specified Organization Code (includes FRS crosswalk data).

Internet Native Banner (INB)


Additional training on general INB Navigation and the Finance module (including Research Accounting) will be done as we move toward conversion to Version 7 of Banner.


  • FRAGRNT: Grant Maintenance- This form can be viewed by RA users to see information related to grant attributes similar to what was on screen 009 in FRS.  Dates are similar to the project begin and end dates from screen 009 in FRS.
  • FRMFUND: Res Accounting Fund Maintenance- This form can be viewed to get the budget period and indirect cost setup for the specific grant fund.  This is the start and end for the budget period of this portion of the grant.  This was budget start and end date on screen 009 in FRS.
  • FRIGITD: Grant Inception to Date- This form will give you balances for the grant in a form similar to screen 019 in FRS.
  • FRIGRNT:  Grant Code Inquiry- This form can be used to search for grant numbers using several grant attribute fields.
  • FRIORGH: Grant Organization Inquiry- This form can be used to retrieve a listing of grants in a designated Organization Code.
  • FRIPSTG:  Grant Personnel Inquiry- This form can be used to see grants assigned to a designated Banner ID.  List by PI can be retrieved here.