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Please click above to complete a Product Preference Survey if you would like to provide input into the selections offered in your building's vending machine.

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Survey for Preferences in ECU SNACK & COLD FOOD Vending Machines

Thank you for your interest in ECU Vending. We appreciate your input on your preferences of products offered in the vending machine(s) in your building.

Things to keep in mind when offering input about the items you request:

  • Do not select a product just because you think you would like it, but rather, select it because you would buy it.
  • Product must be a good "fit" for a this snack machine, ie, we will not fill a vending machine in a health-conscious area with high-calorie snacks. It also must physically fit in the machine, ie, there are only enough spaces for the various size packages, and cold food cannot go in a non-refrigerated machine.
  • Consider price when you "check" that you would buy the item from a vending machine. A typical package of crackers is approximately .65; medium bag crackers/cookies .85; large bag chips .95; pastry .95; candy $1.25. Drinks are approx. $1.25 - $1.75. Also, sometimes the all-natural/whole grain or gluten-free items are higher in price than similar-size items.

Please understand that we will do our best to accommodate requests, especially when there are multiple requests for the same product. Also understand that our distributor may discontinue stocking an item, or it temporarily may be unavailable.

Thank you again for completing this survey, as this helps us to stock your building's machine with the products that are most desired by the occupants!

If you have any questions, please contact ECU Vending Services, (252) 737-1310 or (252) 737-1311.

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If you cannot find the location of the vending machine on the drop down list, please write write building name, floor, and adjacent room number if applicable.