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In the College of Business at ECU, we shape the leaders of tomorrow.  No matter what career path our students choose, we prepare and challenge them with the necessary skills to think, act, and lead in today's business world.

For more than 75 years, the College of Business has enjoyed a rich tradition. Plus, we are one of only two institutions in North Carolina - and 120 worldwide - that has been continuously AACSB-accredited since 1967 (BSBA, MBA, & MSA are all AACSB accredited). We are an innovator in distance education, too, and take pride in our program's strength, value, and flexibility.

More students are enrolled in the ECU College of Business than in any other business school in the state.

We invite you to come see why!

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College Professors Receive 2017-18 Interdisciplinary Research Award

Dr. Yajiong (Lucky) Xue receives Interdisciplinary Research Award


Dr. James Kleckley Recognized for Home Price Forecasting

James Kleckley is recognized for home price forecasting.


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COB Graduate and Entrepreneur David Waring provides the blueprint for starting a new business.


3 Key Takeaways from ECU’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Computing Symposium

Discusses the takeaways that came out of a recent AI computing research symposium that took place at the College of Engineering and Technology.