We welcome you to the College of Business at East Carolina University. We are proud to be a nationally competitive business school that combines excellent student learning experiences with quality research serving the nation and the world.

Our goal is to create lasting relationships, so we are constantly striving to facilitate the links between our 26,000+ alumni, students, faculty, staff, and the business community through strong lines of communication, exciting networking opportunities, campus events, and more. Some of our key initiatives include speaker series, educational and volunteer opportunities, alumni receptions, and mentoring programs.


Stay Connected

We hope you'll continue to stay in touch with your ECU College of Business family through the years. From Facebook to LinkedIn, there are many ways to stay CONNECTED! Make sure you update your alumni profile information as your life and career progresses, so we can keep you informed. Take a look at our newsletter Stocknotes! We count on our community of diverse, talented alumni to help us carry on the ECU College of Business core values.


Paige Sammons, Director of Outreach
(252) 737-5171, sammonse15@ecu.edu

Jim Westmoreland, Associate Dean for External Affairs
(252) 328-0130, westmorelandj@ecu.edu

Funding Priorities

Through your support, you profoundly impact the lives of our business students, the economic development of the state and nation, and the future of your alma mater. We graduate more than 1,000 business students each year.

When we say we prepare the leaders of tomorrow, it is demonstrated by you and our students' successes. Based on past growth and your support, our goal over the next 10 years is to build the College's endowment to $100 million.

We invite you to invest in the College of Business and help continue its transformation. Thank you for standing by us.

Endowed Scholarships

Faculty Support

Priority Fund Growth

Student Travel Fund

Student Pirate Investment Fund


How do I get involved?

Looking for ways to give back?  Consider assisting students as a resource through our Business Alumni Network. You can also attend events either on campus or in your local area, or make a much-appreciated gift online.

We encourage you to browse the links below to see the opportunities available to get involved:

Arrange a tour of your company or organization: coordinate internships/job shadowing

Serve as a Professional to a student

Support COB scholarships

Engage with business students through etiquette dinners and events

Plan a Networking Event

Volunteer to judge a case competition or "shark tank" presentation

Volunteer as a Guest Speaker