A successful connection is based on commitment to the mentoring process, sharing common goals and expectations, and mutual trust and respect. Since each business professional has volunteered, they are committed to helping students and provide a wealth of information and advice. You will have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insight from their business expertise and past mistakes, and greatly increase your competencies in many important areas.

After you complete the form below, you will be matched with a professional from our database. He or she will make the first contact -- either by email or phone.  They may also indicate at that time if you are allowed to contact them in the future, and by which contact method you should use to reach out to them.

Points to consider discussing with your professional:
  • Could you tell me about some of your valuable experiences while in college?
  • Would you share how you went about achieving your career goal?
  • What do you find most rewarding about you job?
  • What is the most important advice that you can give me in becoming a professional?


Comments from previous students:

"I got ideas on where I should be looking for work in my field."

"I got some feedback on my resume and what should be included."

"I appreciated the answers about how to deal with "politics" within an organization."

"My Mentor connected me with an alumni in the field that I hope to work and the location that I would really like to live."