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Business Communication Center ECU

Business Communication Center - BCC

The Business Communication Center strengthens the communication skills of business students through workshops, class instruction, coaching, partnerships with faculty, and online tutorials. BCC provides an integrated approach to coaching COB students in professional speaking and writing. For instance, BCC has developed instructional materials for the Strategy First (BUSI 1200), Leadership I (BUSI 2200), Leadership II (BUSI 3200) and Leadership Capstone (BUSI 4200) courses in the new Leadership and Professional Development Program. Additionally, the BCC integrates coaching with classroom assignments. You are your communication and that is your brand. The BCC can help you ensure your brand is positive and powerful.


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When you are presenting, do you feel like you are performing?How you think about communication affects how you communicate. For instance, treating public speaking as a performance increases anxiety. Business communicators do not deliver a speech; they engage people. Changing how you think about a presentation creates longlasting changes.

How do your e-mail messages brand you? Writing poorly designed messages undermines the image you want to create as a professional. According to the latest GMAC recruiters' survey, the candidate's education will not make up for the deficiency.

What is the Business Communication Center?The BCC coaches over 2,000 students annually. We replace the outdated information dissemination model frequently used in public speaking training with an emphasis on coaching that focuses on improving your actions as communication. Our coaching uses current neuroscience insights into how you communicate. Your presentations and written documents make an argument about you as a professional. In essence, you are your communication and that is your brand. The BCC can help you make your branding more professional.

How effective is your writing?Every written document makes an argument about you. Imprudently typed e-mails, improperly worded memos, shallow resumes, and poorly constructed reports can impair the social networking that is so crucial to your professional development. In a business environment, these same ineffective skills build glass ceilings restricting advancement. Unlike other glass ceilings, these are self-inflicted.

What does neuroscience tell us about communication?During the last decade, neuroscience discoveries have provided new insights into how we communicate. The existence of mirror neurons illustrates how we are connected neurologically. When a presenter gestures, a participant's mirror neuron cells activate as though they are making the same action. If you are concerned about others responding, knowing that there is a predisposition to respond should minimize some anxiety. Click or tap to read articles about neuroscience.

What materials could help me?Our tutorials and resources are based on two principles: (1) everyone can improve their communication and that (2) the way we think about communication affects how we communicate. TED is one resource we highly recommend. These brief presentations demonstrate how to distill arguments to the most compelling elements.