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John Davis

John Davis,
Teaching Instructor
Leadership and Professional Development Program
College of Business
East Carolina University
129 Slay Hall
Greenville, NC  27858-4353

I grew up in rural eastern North Carolina and graduated from ECU with a BSBA in 1977 and MBA in 1981. I am 58 years old and began teaching at the ECU College of Business in 2005. I worked more than 25 years in corporate America and my last job was Vice President of Marketing for Stanley Industrial Tools. I have been married since 1993 to Cindy Davis who also is an ECU College of Business undergrad and MBA. Like you, I am a Pirate (my dog's name is Jake Sparrow) and I love ECU. ECU gave me a great education and she can do the same for you. I do not know everything, but I can find out almost anything. You and I working together can get you acclimated to your business education and career path.

I have been lucky to have experienced a wide range of jobs and industries in my career. I think I can give you a fair idea of what kind of strategic initiatives you will work on once you have learned your business fundamentals (blocking and tackling) at ECU. I have worked in the following industries: banking, telecommunications, food service, pharmaceuticals, and durable goods manufacturing. In these industries, I have worked in many functional areas. I have experience in sales, marketing, accounting, brand management, logistics, and marketing. I have worked on several major system integrations with the last one being an SAP integrated system implantation.

In short, I have been hit with more than a couple of two by fours in my journey down life's path. By now, one would hope I know when to duck. I should have a few stories to share with you. I have really enjoyed teaching and I am excited by the abilities and idealism of America's young people. I also think ECU has the best football student section in the country. You guys rock!!!! I hope you will consider my class and I look forward to getting to know you while we work and learn together.

All the best, John H. Davis