MIS Bypass Exam Information

What is the MIS 2223 Bypass Exam?
The MIS 2223 Bypass exam tests your mastery of the concepts and skills covered in MIS 2223.  The exam includes two equal parts: Concepts and Skills.  The first part of the exam includes a multiple-choice exam (up to 100 questions) that tests your understanding of computer concepts as covered in MIS 2223.  The second part is a skills-based exam that will test your skills on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

How do I know if I qualify to attempt the MIS 2223 Bypass exam?
It is very IMPORTANT that you understand what is covered in MIS 2223 so you can evaluate whether you are qualified to attempt the Bypass exam.  Thoroughly review the following three documents to make this determination.

Topic Coverage - This is a detailed topical outline of the concepts covered in MIS 2223.  The questions for the multiple choice exam will be based on these topics.

Sample Exercises
 - This document has 4 exercises that show the kind of skills you must have mastery over in the four Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access) covered in the class.  You can use these exercises to practice for the exam.

Sample Exam Questions - This document has a few sample questions such as the ones you might see in the concepts portion of the exam.

I have thoroughly reviewed these documents and feel comfortable in my mastery of them, what do I do next?
You are qualified to attempt the Bypass exam.  You have two options .
Note: If you are interested in the "Credit By Exam" (CBE) option, please contact Mrs. Christy Lopez at lopezc@ecu.edu or 252-328-9875.

Can you give me the general details of the Bypass exam offerings?
Exams are offered ONCE at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.  Typically, the exam is offered within the first few weeks of classes.

When is the next scheduled offering and how can I register for it?
The next Bypass Exam will be given Wednesday, January 24th at 11am.

To take the exam, you must follow these steps:

Register before 9am, Wed, January 24th - To register, use the link at the bottom of the page. There are a limited number of seats and they will be allocated on a first-paid first-served basis. If you do not register online you will not be allowed to take the exam.

Purchase - Purchase a SAM code online  (ISBN 9781285735054) ($25.00) or at the student store.

NOTE: If you have already registered the SAM code that came with your textbook bundle, you do not have to purchase the separate code.

Print out the e-mail you receive with your code and bring with you to the exam. You must have already purchased the code in order to take the exam.

Exam Day - Bring e-mail that contains your SAM Challenge Instant Access code with you and a photo ID. Arrive by 8:45pm, the exam will begin at 9am.

Any student who has received a final grade of D or F in MIS 2223 or its equivalent cannot sit for the MIS 2223 bypass exam.
The policy statement above only applies to the in-course bypass test.  Credit by examination is covered by the university policy, which states that examinations are not permitted in courses in which a student has previously been enrolled as a regular student or as an auditor (undergraduate catalog page 47).

When will I know how I did on the exam?
Mrs. Lopez, Bypass Exam Administrator, will e-mail grades for "in course" bypass students to their instructors.  She will e-mail "credit-by-exam" grades directly to the student.  All grades will be sent within 2 business days of exam completion.  If a student scores below 73.50, he/she must remain in the class.

Whom should I contact with any additional questions?
Please direct your questions to the Bypass Administrator:
Mrs. Christy Lopez
(252) 328-9875

Bypass Exam form