College of Business Undergraduate Course Descriptions (by department)


ACCT 2101 Survey of Financial and Managerial Accounting
ACCT 2401 Financial Accounting
ACCT 2521 Managerial Accounting
ACCT 3101 Fraud Examination
ACCT 3551 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 3561 Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT 3621 Cost Accounting
ACCT 3731 Advanced Accounting
ACCT 3851 Accounting Information Systems
ACCT 4451 International Accounting
ACCT 4611 Taxation for Decision Making
ACCT 4621 Controllership Topics (3) Not Currently Offered
ACCT 4631 Internal Auditing
ACCT 4641 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
ACCT 4661 Accounting Systems II (3) Not Currently Offered
ACCT 4921 Accounting for Business Professionals


BUSI 1200 Strategy First
BUSI 2200 Experiential Leadership: Teams in Action
BUSI 3200 Professional Development and Ethical Leadership
BUSI 4001 Internship in Business
BUSI 4002 Internship in Business
BUSI 4003 Internship in Business
BUSI 4200 Leadership Capstone


FINA 1904 Personal Finance
FINA 2244 Legal Environment of Business
FINA 3004 Survey of Financial Management
FINA 3144 Financial Markets
FINA 3154 Principles of Risk Management and Insurance
FINA 3500 Money Management for Entrepreneurs
FINA 3554 Principles of Real Estate
FINA 3724 Financial Management
FINA 3824 Financial Analysis and Planning
FINA 3884 Corporate and Financial Risk Management
FINA 3904 Investments
FINA 4244 Insurance Law
FINA 4354 Commercial Property and Liability Insurance
FINA 4404 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
FINA 4414 Derivatives and Financial Risk Management
FINA 4454 International Finance
FINA 4564 Real Estate Appraisal
FINA 4604 Real Estate Financing
FINA 4654 Commercial Bank Management
FINA 4734 Financial Management II
FINA 4854 Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning
FINA 4964 Topics in Finance
FINA 4984 Topics in Real Estate

Hospitality Management

HMGT 1350 Introduction to Hospitality Management
HMGT 1500 Multicultural Hospitality Management
HMGT 2000 Hospitality Study Tour
HMGT 2100 Lodging Management I
HMGT 2170 Hospitality Services Management
HMGT 2200 Introduction to Conventions and Special Events
HMGT 2300 Principles of Food Preparation and Menu Planning
HMGT 2301 Principles of Food Preparation and Menu Planning Laboratory
HMGT 2591 Field Experience in Hospitality Management I
HMGT 3200 Dimensions of Tourism
HMGT 3294 Hospitality Information Systems
HMGT 3300 Principles of Classical Cuisine
HMGT 3301 Principles of Classical Cuisine Lab
HMGT 3400 Meeting, Event, and Convention Planning
HMGT 3600 Lodging Management II
HMGT 3750 Hospitality Facilities Management
HMGT 3800 Hospitality Club Management
HMGT 3832 Hospitality Franchising and Entrepreneurship
HMGT 3990 Field Experience in Lodging Management
HMGT 3991 Field Experience in Food and Beverage Management
HMGT 3992 Field Experience in Conventions and Special Events Management
HMGT 4040 Producing Meetings, Events, and Conventions
HMGT 4100 Lodging Revenue Management
HMGT 4120 Wine and Beverage Management
HMGT 4200 Travel and Tourism Management
HMGT 4244 Hospitality Law
HMGT 4300 Advanced Food Production and Service Management
HMGT 4301 Advanced Food Production and Service Management Lab
HMGT 4308 Cost Controls for Hospitality Operations
HMGT 4400 Convention Sales and Services Management
HMGT 4440 Hospitality Marketing
HMGT 4450 Hospitality Human Resource Management
HMGT 4600 Resort and Timeshare Management
HMGT 4650 Hospitality Financial Management
HMGT 4700 Hospitality Management Current Issues Seminar
HMGT 4900 Independent Study in Lodging
HMGT 4901 Independent Study in Food and Beverage
HMGT 4902 Independent Study in Conventions and Special Events
HMGT 4905 Hospitality Management International Experience
HMGT 4995 E-commerce in Hospitality Management



MGMT 3202 Fundamentals of Management
MGMT 3203 Organizational Management
MGMT 3302 Management of Organizations
MGMT 3352 International Business
MGMT 3500 Entrepreneurship Essentials
MGMT 4001, 4002, 4003 Special Issues and Topics
MGMT 4242 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 4252 Entrepreneurship
MGMT 4262 Small Business Management
MGMT 4272 Managing the Family Business
MGMT 4342 Organizational Change and Development
MGMT 4343 Organizational Leaders and Leadership
MGMT 4352 Management in a Global Economy
MGMT 4402 Human Resource Management
MGMT 4422 Labor Relations
MGMT 4472 Compensations Management
MGMT 4482 Managerial Negotiation
MGMT 4492 Personnel Decision Making
MGMT 4500 Entrepreneurial Business Planning
MGMT 4842 Strategic Management
MGMT 4952 Topics in Management
MGMT 4992 Internship

Management Information Systems

MIS 2223 Introduction to Computers
MIS 3063 Introduction to Management Information Systems
MIS 3673 Software Design and Development
MIS 3943, 3953 Topics in Management Information Systems
MIS 4103 Decision Support Systems
MIS 4113 Data Base Management Systems
MIS 4123 Telecommunications and Networked Systems
MIS 4133 Managing Information Systems Resources
MIS 4153 Web Application Development for Business
MIS 4163 Information Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 4173 Information Systems Development & Implementation
MIS 4963 Topics in Management Information Systems
MIS 4993 Cooperative Education

Marketing & Supply Chain Management

MKTG 3500 Entrepreneurial Opportunities & Marketing
MKTG 3832 Marketing Management
MKTG 3852 Cultural Environment of International Business
MKTG 3872 Persuading Decision Makers
MKTG 4332 Professional Selling
MKTG 4342 Sales Force Management
MKTG 4352 Selling and Sales Management
MKTG 4362 Retail Management
MKTG 4532 Business and Organizational Marketing
MKTG 4562 Marketing Strategy
MKTG 4662 Marketing Research
MKTG 4682 Marketing Intelligence
MKTG 4732 Consumer Behavior
MKTG 4752 Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG 4762 Service Marketing
MKTG 4782 Customer Relationship Management
MKTG 4790 Distribution Management
MKTG 4792 Social Media Marketing
MKTG 4972 Topics in Marketing
MKTG 4973 Topics in Marketing
MKTG 4974 Topics in Marketing
MKTG 4975 Digital Marketing
MKTG 4992 International Marketing

OMGT 3123  Operations and Supply Chain Management
OMGT 3223  Business Decision Modeling
OMGT 3843, 3853 Topics in Operations Management
OMGT 4293 Statistical Analysis
OMGT 4383 Supply Chain Analytics
OMGT 4393 Forecasting & Statistics for Operations Analysis
OMGT 4493 Quality Management
OMGT 4633 Management Science II
OMGT 4723 Production Planning & Control
OMGT 4733 Project Management
OMGT 4743  Purchasing and Materials Management
OMGT 4753 Strategic Logistics Management
OMGT 4763  Strategic Supply Chain Management
OMGT 4863  Topics in Operations Management
OMGT 4893  Cooperative Education