Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
2017 Dean's Student Leadership Council

Harriot College Students

Dean's Student Leadership Council

The Dean’s Student Leadership Council (DSLC) is a student committee whose purpose is to facilitate interaction between students and the dean of the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences. The DSLC provides a vehicle for communication between the Dean and students in the college about issues of importance to students. The overall goal is to enrich the university experience of all students in the college and promote student involvement in learning activities within the college.


DSLC is comprised of one undergraduate student from each department in the college. Each student must be in good academic standing and be a major or intended major within a degree-granting program in Harriot College. If the student is a double major, the primary major must be in a department with HCAS. Each student member is appointed by the department chair in the respective department.

Term of Membership
Membership commitment begins the first day of each August and ends the last day of May of that same academic year. Summer participation is voluntary. The term of appointment is ordinarily for a single academic year, and a student may be reappointed for one additional term. A member will be dismissed from the DSLC if he or she is no longer in good academic standing, has 3 or more unexcused absences from meetings in an academic year, graduates, or leaves the college.


Three members of the committee serve in the officer positions of chair, co-chair, and secretary. The officers are responsible for planning meetings and coordinating activities of the DSLC.

DSLC Meetings

The entire DSLC will meet with the Dean at least once during each of the fall and spring semesters. The DSLC meetings will consist primarily of open-ended discussions involving the Dean, associate deans, and DSLC members.