Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
2016 THCAS Dean's Advancement Council


Dean's Advancement Council

The Dean’s Advancement Council provides an opportunity for alumni and friends to become more involved with the East Carolina University Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, to use their influence and affluence to further the College’s goals, and to participate in ensuring its future success. It provides advocacy, consultation, and support for Harriot College and the continuing development of its liberal arts and graduate programs. Serving as an advocacy group both on campus and off, the Council helps promote a positive image and good relations for the College with the rest of the University as well as with the region, state, and nation. It also helps relate the students, faculty, and dean of Harriot College to society at large.

More specifically, the Dean’s Advancement Council assists the College in the following ways:

1. Increasing recognition on campus and off of Harriot College’s vigorous liberal arts program, distinctive graduate programs, nationally recognized faculty, outstanding students and alumni, and long tradition of academic excellence.

2. Advocating the importance and centrality of Harriot College’s liberal arts and graduate programs at East Carolina University, helping crystallize the College’s position as ECU’s cornerstone academic program, and helping increase understanding of the College’s symbiotic partnerships with ECU’s colleges and major schools.

3. Assisting Harriot College in acquiring the resources necessary for its continuing development, especially advocating for increased state support and taking an active role in private fund-raising activities. Major financial support is necessary to ensure the growth and development of the College and its numerous programs. This support can be garnered only from informed, interested individuals who are actively involved in helping the College attain its goals.

4. Providing counsel to the dean, chairs, program directors, and faculty on pertinent matters, internal as well as external, so as to make Harriot College’s programs and activities of the highest quality possible.

5. Serving, when feasible, as a Harriot College liaison with other educational institutions, business, industry, and government and acquainting students with appropriate educational and employment opportunities.

6. Promoting, when feasible, extramural professional opportunities for Harriot College faculty. Generally, the Council assists College faculty with continuing opportunities for meaningful off-campus professional experiences such as consulting engagements, speaking opportunities, internships, and appointments to state and national committees, task forces, and commissions.

7. Taking other actions, as appropriate, that enhance the academic standing of Harriot College of Arts and Sciences and the general well being of its diverse programs, students, alumni, faculty, chairs, and dean.

The Council consists of approximately 20 to 25 distinguished persons, including alumni and other friends of Harriot College, who are appointed by the College dean. In addition, the dean is a full voting member of the Council.

THCAS Dean’s Advancement Council

Dr. William M. Downs
Winterville, NC

Advancement Council Chair
Mr. James H. Mullen, III
Greenville, NC

Advancement Council Honorary Co-Chairs
Mr. Robert L. Jones
Raleigh, NC

Advancement Council Members
Dr. James H. Bearden
Greenville, NC

Mr. Thomas R. Bland
Raleigh, NC

Dr. J. Everett Cameron
Atlantic Beach, NC

Dr. Shirley Carraway
Winterville, NC

Dr. Paul Fletcher, Jr.
Greenville, NC

Mr. John W. Forbis
Greensboro, NC

Dr. James M. Galloway, Jr.
Greenville, NC

Dr. Churchill Grimes
Santa Cruz, CA

Dr. Virginia Hardy
Greenville, NC

Dr. H. Denard Harris
Morehead City, NC

Mr. W. Phillip Hodges
Williamston, NC

Ms. Sherry Holloman
Greenville, NC

Mr. J. Phillip Horne
Greenville, NC

Mr. Mitchell L. Hunt
Greensboro, NC

Ms. Stewart Johnson
Durham, NC

Mr. Michael McShane
Keswick, VA

Mr. John S. Rainey
Midlothian, VA

Mr. Charles Saudners
Winterville, NC

Mr. Matthew Slate
Chatham, NJ

Mr. Edward T. Smith
Greenville, NC

Mr. Tod Thorne
Charlotte, NC

Ms. Amanda Tilley
Greenville, NC

Mr. Glenn C. Woodard, Jr.
Woodstock, GA

Ms. Harvey S. Wooten
Greenville, NC