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Foundations Curriculum

Students must have at least 42-43 hours of foundations curriculum (FC) courses in order to graduate. There are six attributes of FC courses (listed below). Depending on the major, certain classes may be required in each attribute (consult the first page of your checksheet for this info!) while other majors allow students to freely pick FC courses.

Foundations Curriculum 

Major Check Sheets

You are expected to follow all requirements as found in the undergraduate catalog for your specific major. These checksheets are provided simply as a tool to help you understand the catalog.


Past Checksheets

Undergraduate Catalog

The University's undergraduate catalog is found online. Through this link, you can access the following information:

  • Policies on Admission & Readmission
  • Academic Advisement (Foundations curriculum, Academic Support Services)
  • Academic Regulations (drops, GPA, grade replacements, academic standing, etc.)
  • Academic programs (requirements for all undergraduate majors & minors available at ECU)
  • Course descriptions (description of all the undergraduate courses taught & whether or not they fulfill foundations curriculum requirements)


Some of the degrees within the college require a student to also have a minor. For a list of comprehensive minors, and their requirements, visit the undergraduate catalog.

Double Majors

In many instances, students pursuing a minor can opt for a double major instead by taking only a few more classes. If a student decides to pursue a double major, a minor is no longer necessary. While students can certainly double major in anything, there are certain majors that work well together. Look below for your primary major and click on the link to see a list of popular double majors within the major area.

Four Year Plans

To see a sample four year plan for every major offered at ECU, please visit

This can give you an idea of the course sequencing required for each major. (Please note these are sample plans only; each student's path to graduation is unique and dependent upon many variables. You are encouraged to consult their academic advisor when mapping out courses each semester.)

To find the most accurate and up to date requirements for graduation, students should refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.

Departmental Resources

For more information on the majors offered within the Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences, please visit each department's website.

Departmental websites are a wealth of information! You can find information on major requirements, faculty, major related clubs/organizations, internships,and scholarships.