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Registration Process

Before Students Can Register

In order to register for classes, students must schedule an appointment with the academic advisor to receive advising and a registration PIN. (*Note-registration pins change each semester so students must see advisor each semester!) Registration for the spring semester usually occurs after fall break; registration for the fall & summer semesters usually occurs after spring break. For best availability, students should plan to see academic advisor at least 2-3 weeks before break!


Before meeting with your advisor, students should be prepared! This means students should complete the registration worksheet and bring it to their advising appointment. Click the appropriate worksheet for the Summer/Fall Semester or the Spring Semester.

STEP 1: Update your checksheet Under the "majors and minors" section! PRINT out a checksheet for your major and update it with the list of classes you have completed/will complete this semester. Also print out a sample 4 year plan for your major for your major
**If you are interested in changing majors, you are still expected to research requirements for your new major and come prepared to our advising appointment! You can print out a checksheet for your new major by looking up the requirements in the undergraduate catalog—look under "undergraduate programs" and after you select your major, click on the "print degree planner" icon on the top right of the screen. You can also visit this website for assistance in selecting a major!

STEP 2: Write down list of PRIORITY courses using the checksheet and sample 4 year plan, list the MAJOR courses you need to take next semester—these are the priority courses that you must take next semester to stay on track with your MAJOR.

STEP 3: Write down the Foundations Curriculum courses. Using your checksheet, list the Foundations Curriculum courses that you need in order to graduate. You can go into the undergraduate catalog, view "courses" and in the "course filter" box under "keyword or phrase" type in the type of course you are searching for (FC:SO = social sciences; FC:HU = humanities; FC:FA = fine arts; FC:SC = science) You can also pick out courses you want and save them to your "portfolio" which will help you in future semesters so that you don't have to look up these courses each semester! Here is a list of sample Foundations Courses.

STEP 4: Write down any additional courses that you may need. This would be a good time to list any courses for your MINOR or any electives you want to take. Also, if you are pursuing graduate/professional school and need to take pre-requisites, list them here. For assistance with professional school information, refer to the Pre-Professional Advising Center.

STEP 5: Take any placement tests you may need.

STEP 6: REVIEW your list of courses below to create a full time schedule (12-18 hours) and bring this completed form to your advising appointment

Registation PIN & Instructions

Each semester, students register for classes using Banner Self Service through OneStop. For step by step registration instructions, visit the Registrar's website and look under "students" and "registration information"

When your registration time begins, use your 6 digit pin to register for classes. After registering, KEEP YOUR PIN because you may want to adjust your schedule later! It is your responsibility to keep your pin; we suggest you program it into your cell phone each semester for easy retrieval.

Registration Problems 

As you begin to register, you will likely have questions and may even encounter various problems. This is normal. Please refer to this page as it will likely answer your questions.

Summer School

If you are interested in summer school, either at ECU or elsewhere, read the information listed on this page.

After You Register

  • Pay your tuition before the deadline so your schedule is not cancelled. Consult the Academic Calendar for important dates each semester.
  • At the end of each semester, make sure your next semester schedule is appropriate.