Biology Seminar Series - Spring 2016


Seminars on Thursdays at 4 pm in Science and Technology room C-209

Refreshments will be served beginning at 3:30 pm                                                                                                                                                                                 

                  Seminar Title
  Department  Representative
  Biology Faculty Presentation/Horizontal gene transfer in plant   evolution
Dr. Jinling Huang
  Kyle Summers
Biology Faculty Presentation/miRNA roles in cotton fiber   development
  Dr. Baohong Zhang/S&T C309
     Roger Rulifson
  Biology Faculty Presentation/Genetic regulation of the maize   inflorescence
Dr. Beth Thompson
    Carol Goodwille
  Biology Faculty Presentation/From A to Zebra Finch: Evolutionary   and Functional Genomics in Songbirds
Dr.   Chris Balakrishan
  Michael Brewer

  Nathan  Hudson
ECU Physics
  Mechanobiology and Blood Clotting

Paul Hager

Ramji Bhandari
UNC Greensboro
  Transgenerational Health Effects of Environmental Estrogens
  Yong Zhu

Eric Walters
  Old Dominion Univ

  The influence of ecological conditions on helping behavior in the cooperatively breeding acorn woodpecker

Sue McRae

  Egbert Leigh  Smithsonian Tropical Research InstituteSpecial Seminar: Historical biogeography of Panama

  Kyle Summers


Douglas Peterson
  University of Georgia

Eggs to die for: the uncertain future of an ancient survivor

  Roger Rulifson  
  Fall Break


  Jermey Kay
Duke University
  How to build a neural circuit: lessons from the retina
Chris Balakrishnan
 Tong Zhu
Bring plant potential to life via collaboration Xiaoping Pan 
  Faculty Candidate Interview


  Faculty Candidate Interview
  Faculty Candidate Interview
  Faculty Candidate Interview
  Faculty Candidate Interview
  Final Examinations Begin

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