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Welcome to the Department of Economics! 

The study of Economics provides an exceptional background for a career in business, government or research. Economics majors develop quantitative and analytic skills that are in strong demand in today's job market.  Michigan State University's Collegiate Employment Research Institute recently ranked Economics as one of the 20 college majors with the highest starting salaries!

ECU's Economics Department is known as one of the best Economics programs in the Southeast. Our department has earned a national reputation for excellence in both teaching and research. Our faculty members have won several university-wide teaching awards and are nationally recognized for their outstanding research and publication track record. Students consistently praise our faculty for their helpfulness, availability and sound career advice.

The primary focus of Economics is the understanding of markets. At the macro level, economists develop theories to explain growth, recessions, inflation and living standards. At the micro level, economists investigate how firms make decisions about production, pricing, and technology in an increasingly global arena.

Interested in a career in marketing? In microeconomics, you'll learn how business managers decide what markets to enter and what prices to charge for their products. Enjoy stimulating logic challenges? Economists use game theory and mathematical models to explain how entrepreneurs attempt to outguess their competitors. Concerned about social issues? Economics is vital to the understanding of such topical questions as poverty, climate change, the legalization of marijuana, the impact of the Affordable Care Act, and much more.


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